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I want the community to get involved with my Six Sigma IQ Profit through Process podcast shows! Are you just rolling out a Lean Six Sigma program and wish to get your toughest deployment questions answered by leaders who have been through it all? Well, Six Sigma IQ is inviting you to submit your most critical deployment questions to two well seasoned Lean Six Sigma deployment leaders from Ecolab and ACPO. They’ll be able to provide you with tips and strategies for ensuring that your program gets off the ground smoothly. Please look at each program below and let us know what you’d like to ask each speaker ASAP, as we are recording these podcasts in the next couple of weeks in May. On May 14th at 10 am EDT, Six Sigma IQ will be speaking with Christian Loyer, Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leader SC EMEA at Ecolab. Christian will unleash the secrets to how you can transform your organizational culture to fully embrace Lean Six Sigma upon the rollout of your program. On May 19th at 9 am EDT, Six Sigma IQ will be speaking with David McSherry, CFO/COO of ACPO, who will be discussing tips and strategies for getting full CFO engagement with Lean Six Sigma/Process Excellence. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a CFO’s perspective on the major challenges you may be currently facing with C-level engagement. Once the podcasts go live on Six Sigma IQ in June, you'll be able to listen in and see if your questions got answered. Please reply with your questions!

Author: GWeiss
Posted: 02/24/2016
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