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Hello All , I currently working a project to improve accuracy of the process I need help adapting the right approach to calculate the six sigma rating? Process Objective is convert the Word, PDF , Excel document with huge information into standard template(Excel) which need to uploaded in the system for view of salesperson. Process Steps: Step - 1 Document received from customer in different formats with &quote;n&quote; no of pages Step - 2 Intrepret / Analyze the received document Step - 3 Convert the document in to standard format Setp - 4 Salesperson uses the uploaded details to close the loop Question : How to calculate the accuracy %????????????? Current accuracy is calculated by no of error lines (Excel Rows)uploaded in system / No of line items uploaded in System and Volume of excel file uploaded is less than 60. We are not calculating the Six Sigma rating by Defective since volume is less. Question is calculating - • Sigma rating by DPMO is not possible since opportunities are numerous which increase the sigma rating drastically even many error occurs. • Is it possible to calculate Sigma rating by Yield method , However the challenge is internal audit is not place and error have to be reported only customer and it very less. Can you please suggest which approach would be correct to measure the accuracy of this process and also suggest if any approach can be done?

Author: rams1234
Posted: 02/24/2016
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