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Dear Forum Members, I currently work as the Training Manager for a 500 employee organzization in New Delhi, India. I have about 6 years of work experience and started my training career as a trainer in a call center, and through successive jobs, have risen to be a training manager. I have been deeply interested in the Six Sigma methodology and got my first exposure to it in my previous job, where i attended GB level training, but didn't underatke a project as I had to relocate and leave that organization. I'd like to get certified in Six Sigma (GB or BB) through ASQ (which now offers training and certification in India through contact workshops) My concern is that I will be changing my career at a situation where I'm doing fairly well financially (I make 1.2 million rupees a year, or about 25 k USD). So the question is whether people at mid-career level usually change tracks and become six sigma professionals? The other question is, whether upon getting certified successfully, could i hope to make the same amount of money. To put it in better perspective, I do not want to get certified to be able to make more money, its just lack of much aspiration for my current profession. Your advice will be deeply appreciated. Thanks, Vee.

Author: VA
Posted: 02/24/2016
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