2nd Annual Process Mining Live 2020

24 - 26 March 2020 | Free Online Event 

Leveraging improved process visibility to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and remove bottlenecks

Process mining is a vital part of understanding what makes a business ‘tick’. Discovering the best processes that can be shared across an organization, or identifying the bottlenecks and inefficiencies that are hurting your bottom line are the first step in continuous improvement.

Join our free, 2nd annual online event and learn how you can implement a process mining strategy and the tools you need to use to get the best results.

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  • Assess the latest technological innovations 
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Keynote Speaker: Wil van der Aalst

Prof.dr.ir. Wil van der Aalst is a Distinguished Humboldt Professor at RWTH Aachen University, leading the Process and Data Science (PADS) group. He is called the Godfather of Process Mining and the research he started in the late 1990-ties led to a wave of process mining tools.

Agenda 2020


09:00AM ET Keynote speaker: The Godfather of Process Mining, Wil van der Aalst

Introduced over 20 years ago, process mining today is rapidly becoming a standard way to analyze performance and compliance problems based on event data. Hailed as the Godfather of Process Mining, Wil van der Aalst reflects on the capabilities and limitations of today’s process mining tools. In this session, discover:

  • How to use Process Mining to remove operational friction

  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs by avoiding the replication of resources

  • Improve quality and effectiveness by the industrialization of service processes

Prof.dr.ir. Wil van der Aalst, Distinguished Humboldt Professor, RWTH Aachen University

10:00AM ET Calculating the Return on Process Mining Investments 

According to the Small Business Optimism Index, nearly 30% of small businesses in the U.S. are planning major spends in the near future, and as qualified workers continue to be an issue, these funds are expected to go toward “labor-saving technology”. Although obstacles may be unique for every business, the path to overcoming them must begin by examining what’s really going on in your business. Through a series of mini case studies, discover how:

  • How to diagnose processes confidently and move forward with real data for decision making

  • Get rid of unnecessary costs and generate higher profits by analyzing event logs

  • How Suncorp reduced processing time from 30-60 days to 5 days by identifying and reducing bottlenecks

Session reserved for sponsor, Celonis 

11:00AM ET Powering Automation and Transformation using Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence

By using cognitive technologies for process discovery,  a mosaic of ever-changing digital technologies, and human and bot continuums can fundamentally change how work is mapped modeled and managed in the enterprise. In this webinar, we will showcase how a large multiline P&C insurance company not only mapped the hidden business process variants in vivid detail but also uncovered opportunities for process optimization, targeted micro-training, process compliance, and RPA.
  • Discovery of over a dozen dominant variants within a single process.
  • Evidence-based process re-engineering allowed for the identification of process bottlenecks unseen before.
  • Real-time process monitoring improved dynamic process conformance.
  • A deeper understanding of work enabled capacity calibration, process optimization, and precision training opportunities for the agent population.

    Avinash Misra, CEO, Skan. 


      09:00AM ET How Intel Corporation Corrected Flaws with Process Mining 

      As most mature continuous improvement programs will attest, deploying manual process mapping methodologies can be time-consuming and prone to gross inaccuracies. In this session, discover how process mining can correct these critical flaws by using computational algorithms that can quickly and objectively create process models solely from event logs.

      • Three core concepts of process mining: discovery, conformance, and enhancement

      • How to quickly integrate process mining into your continuous improvement program

      • How process mining can be easily integrated to improve the business value and increase the velocity of improvement projects

      Steven Remsen, PhD, Manager, Enterprise Process Excellence, Intel Corporation 

      10:00AM ET Enhancing the Efficiency of Procure to Pay (P2P) through Process Mining

      The rise of RPA has driven businesses to jump on the automation bandwagon head first, however once automated, does not necessarily deliver the most savings. In this session, discover how Process Mining is able to analyze the P2P process to identify bottlenecks and make the best recommendations for which steps of the process to automate. 

      • Identify workflow inefficiencies which can lead to a damaging cash flow situation

      • Prevent overpayment for procured goods and services by correcting past overpayments mistake

      • Root out suppliers which no longer (or temporarily) don’t comply with internal regulations

      Session reserved for sponsor, Minit 

      11:00AM ET Process Mining for Shared Services: Double-Digit Savings & Speed to Market

      Data science is the profession of the future, because organizations who are not able to use big data in smart ways will not survive. With that in mind it has become essential that shared services stakeholders are able to extract the information that will inform leadership to assist them in making strategic decisions for the entire organization.

      • Examine the three types of process mining – discovery, conformance and enhancement

      • Evaluate how process mining can create a bridge between data mining and business process management

      • Outline the initial steps to launch a process mining project in a structured manner

      Session reserved for sponsor, Signavio

        THURSDAY 26TH MARCH 2020

        09:00AM ET Merck adopts Process Mining to Reinforce RPA and Automate 20+ Processes

        Automation has turned into one of the fastest growing technologies in recent years however many of the initiatives are falling short of their goals due to automating the wrong processes. In this session, discover how Merck was able to establish a framework for automation that helped them determine not only the optimal path for selection and implementation, but ensure their ongoing success and expansion into other use cases.

        • Identified the best automation opportunities for RPA, OCR, AI and Machine Learning

        • Established robot benchmarking to verify their business case

        • Built in adaptability to accommodate system changes

         Steve Carpenter, Executive Director, GBS – Digital Transformation, Merck

        10:00AM ET Using Advanced Process Analytics to Become More Competitive

        In 2013, ABB piloted process mining in one single location; after the success of this, it has now been rolled out globally across 20+ locations and all units. ABB needed to reduce variability and make use of best practices through collaboration across the business. By connecting 40 ERPs to 1 global data lake, the business was able to strive for standardization and find ways to measure performance across an E2E Value Chain.

        • Improve lead time to market and increase potential to grow the business

        • Capitalize on management support to drive Continuous Improvements across the organization

        • Core Processes Analytics transforming Descriptive Analytics into Digital Transformation

        Heymen Jansen, Group Vice President, Head of Advanced Process Analytics, ABB

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