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Discover how to streamline, straighten and digitize your company's operations and processes to improve efficiency, become more sustainable and increase ROI in the short and long term.

A Digital event designed exclusively for Directors, Heads, Managers and VP of Business Optimization, Continuous Improvement, Maintainance, Operational Excellence, Operations Reliability, Risk/Risk Management and Enterprise Architects in the Oil, Gas & Energy sector, and all those who are responsible for operations within their organisation.

5 reasons why you should attend:

Learn first-hand from the experts through cutting edge case studies by end-user experts at the forefront of digital transformation and operational optimization in the oil, gas and energy sector

Cut through the potential solutions out there to optimize your network, systems, operations and processes and understand which technologies and systems can put your organization on the best pathway for the future

Discover how Emerging Tech, Automation, AI and Data Analytics can help you manage and monitor equipment and resources more effectively, particularly across your remotest locations

Unpack the strategies which Energy sector companies are now adopting to make the digital transformation journey more achievable in a shorter space of time

Improve reliability and gain better visibility into your operations - including your networks, processes and systems - to find out what is working well and what needs to be optimized  

Who you will meet:

OPEX in Oil & Gas Live is designed for Directors / Heads / Managers and VPs of

Business Optimization


Continuous Improvement



Risk Management

Operational Excellence

Enterprise Architects

Featured Speakers

Day One: Wednesday 22nd April 2020

12:00 GMT:  Case Study: Driving Successful Digital Transformation at BP
Discover how new technologies for managing internal operations are at heart of BP’s group strategy, and why they also see creative freedom and the human touchpoint as essential parts of the plan:
  • Collaborating externally and internally to drive successful digital transformation at BP
  • Combining emerging technologies with creativity is key to building a sustainable future through energy transition
  • Innovate, don’t create: Why we should be innovating around the core transactional system (as opposed to disrupting existing operations) to increase business value and drive ROI
Noorddin Taj, IT Strategy, Architecture & Digital Innovation, BP

13:30 GMT:  Planning a New Offshore Wind Project
In this session, Lloyd's Register explore the various stages that developers should consider when planning a new wind offshore wind project. In October 2019 in the UK, the Queen’s property managers, The Crown Estate, launched the fourth seabed leasing round for UK offshore wind development. We will be discussing the essential technical inputs necessary for robust evaluation and early stage decision-making, and how these can be applied globally.
  • Insight into effective site and feasibility assessments for those bidding or developing sites
  • How to measure your wind campaign effectively and extend the life of your project to help you ensure your project is delivering a positive ROI.
  • How to realise the opportunities from increased seabed access and co-exist with the existing oil and gas infrastructure
Will Hodshon, Geoscience Project Manager, Lloyd's Register
David Pullinger, Technical Lead, Energy Resource Services, Lloyd's Register

    15:00 GMT:  Design Thinking and Analytics to Solve Legacy Systems and Processes
    • Techniques for improving your company's bottom line - where can technology come in?
    • Manoeuvering a constrained system - difficulties and challenges and how to overcome them
    • Utilization of analytics to redesign your transformational approach
    • Achieving data quality reports and regulation
      (Speaker to be confirmed)

      16:30 GMT:  Case Study: Agile Strategies for Rapid Digitalization
      EDP Renewables are leading the way in innovation in the energy market. (They too are developing offshore structures!). Find out first-hand from John Stretton and Stephan Blasilli why agility is the most important thing to get right – and how emerging digital technologies can help:
      • Reforming unstructured processes with business process management technology
      • Using software robots to perform repetitive tasks
      • Using Agile methodologies such as MVPs, actionable metrics, rapid adoption, exception based processing and case management to archive rapid successes
      • Helping employees/customers navigating issues, improving individual & team productivity, improving collaboration across teams, facilitating data-driven lessons learned
        Stephan Blasilli, Corporate Initiatives & Lean Director, EDP Renewables
        John Stretton, Business Analysis Manager, EDP Renewables

        Day Two: Thursday 23rd April 2020

        12:00 GMT:  Case Study: How Shell is Using Data Analytics to Streamline Internal Processes and Systems
        As the Technology Lead for the PI Center of Excellence at Shell, Peter is passionate about new technologies, and what they can do for the business. Discover why he believes that good data management is the future for oil and gas companies everywhere to enable the transition through to a more sustainable future.
        • The need for evolution: Why Shell’s real time platform has had to change, and how CoE has helped maximize the value from existing PI Systems
        • How our PI Center of Excellence is exploiting emerging technologies 
        • Challenges of the PI-Landscape today and how Shell are overcoming them
        • How Data has helped and continues to shape our digital transformation activities moving forward
        Peter van den Heuvel, Technology Lead, PI Center of Excellence, Royal Dutch Shell

        13:30 GMT:  Securing Systems and Processes to Safeguard Business Operations
        • Examining why records currently being used by the oil and gas industry to track trade are still often siloed, overly complicated and vulnerable to external cyber threats 
        • Exploring the financial and practical benefits of new technologies and alternative solutions to keep your operations secure
        • Highlighting the importance of Proactive Maintenance, Asset Management
          (Speaker to be confirmed)

          15:00 GMT:  Quick Wins for Workflow Management
          • Buying time for your internal processes and increasing reliability of your systems and processes
          • Making sure you know if you should apply a process before actually doing it
          • Developing talent management and learning solutions
          • Achieving successful integration of new workflow processes
          (Speaker to be confirmed)

            16:30 GMT:  Case Study: Adopting Cloud-Native AI To Transform Internal Operations
            Many predict that the next few years will see a paradigm shift from simply automating or replacing tasks with technology to finding new ways of making decisions, taking actions, and doing business. Find out how AI is setting out to not only improve operational workflows in the field, but impact capital programs, strategic planning, and back-office operations:
            • Technology is simplifying operational workflows and introducing efficiencies into labour and decision intensive aspects of the eco-system
            • Technology is also being shaped by the eco-system, becoming more human
            • We are seeing a proliferation of augmented technologies, like augmented reality, augmented intelligence, emphasizing that true value lies in the synergy of human and machine intelligence
            • Why AI is taking a much bigger presence in every aspect of the enterprise, accelerating the cycle from data to revenue

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