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Leveraging intelligent automation for greater agility
and efficiency in the enterprise

Enterprise automation has been subject to a ‘hype curve’, with BPM previously being positioned as the ultimate solution for operational excellence, to RPA replacing it as the 'next big thing' as PWC predicted the APAC RPA market alone will grow by 203% by 2021, to USD $2.9bn.
Now that the hype has settled, it is increasingly apparent that RPA is an essential tool for improving efficiency in certain applications, while BPM enables improved business process infrastructure and insight. However, only when they are deployed together, can we realize the impact of their full potential. With that in mind, PEX Network has launched BPM and RPA APAC Live to enable you to get the best out of both approaches, and give you practical steps on understanding which technologies are best suited, or how best to apply them together for maximum effect.

Specifically, the event will address

Utilizing BPM to generate actionable insights of end-to-end business processes

Reengineering process flows to eliminate bottlenecks, using Six Sigma/ Lean methods

Maximizing your ROI by identifying which projects would be better served by each approach

How to roll out both technologies across the business and build a Center of Excellence

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Leveraging automation in the enterprise for greater agility, efficiency and process effectiveness

09:30SGT International Case Study: Coca-Cola European Partners Implement BPM from Zero
Coca-Cola European Partners is the result of the merger of 3 main bottlers in Europe (13 countries). Coca Cola needed a better understanding of the differentiation in an “as-is” processes to support the definition of a “to-be” processes, which will assist in making the right decisions for the standardization and simplification of our IT-landscape and application set.

From consumers to supply chain process, capabilities, data, application and infrastructure, CCEP needed to design a future which requires extensive change management and people training as well as fighting the old ways to do it. In this session, discover how this enabled the delivery of the capability program and an overall reduced operational cost base.  

Key takeaways:
  • Setting up the right team and governance process for a BPM roll out
  • Ensuring you have the right tools
  • Creating a culture for change and work in harmony across languages and countries.
Katy Murarotto, Director, Strategic Business Solutions, Coca-Cola European Partners

10:30SGT Calculating a Return on your Automation Projects

The APAC region is flooded with BPM and RPA solution providers however it’s difficult to convince a CEO of the return on investment. BPM benefits are multidimensional and there is no clear formula to map the same cost associated for every project. In this session, discover how to track the direct and in-direct cost savings to determine the ROI for their custom BPM project.

Key takeaways:
  • What concrete goals to establish before implementing new technologies
  • Examples of performance metrics used to grow and scale with RPA
  • Discover a solution that will fit into your own business strategy

Session reserved for Nintex

11:30SGT 3 Ways to Scale up your Enterprise with RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has moved well beyond hype to a necessary organizational enabler. Yet there are many questions around what can be realistically achieved with RPA. IDC monitored the automation projects of over 30 early adopters of RPA in financial services and found that most were unable to scale up their implementations of the technology. In this session, discover 3 ways that [end user]  scaled up the enterprise with RPA.

Key takeaways
  • Leverage existing systems with RPA and increase cost savings
  • Connect your digital workforce with your human workforce
  • Adopt technologies that compliment RPA to help you scale up your automation

Session reserved for Automation Anywhere

12:30SGT Combining BPM and RPA to Improve your Business Processes
It’s a common mistake to think RPA is meant to replace BPM however the reality is far from that. By automating manual and time consuming human activities, organisations can further streamline business processes and increase quality, CX and ROI. In this session, discover how BPM and RPA fundamentally solve different problems however together, provides a powerful platform to enable digital transformation throughout your organization.

Key takeaways:
  • Benefits of combining large scale BPM projects with quick and flexible PRA implementations
  • An understanding of what tool is best fit for your company
  • A comprehensive automation strategy

09:30SGT Successfully Deploying BPM for Continuous Improvement

A number of studies on the successes and failures of BPM have been conducted with the aim of identifying BPM adoption success factors however the complex nature of BPM has resulted in the lack of a generally accepted framework for successful BPM adoption. Every business is different, and in the case of APAC, the pressure to keep up with the rest of the world is on.

Key takeaways:
Practical example of how one company achieve rapid growth with BPM
How to solve challenges that might come in the way of the industry’s growth
Benchmark global players to stay ahead of the curve

Morgan Jones, Director, Continuous Improvement, BHP

10:30SGT Picking the Right Tool for the Job
Some RPA projects fail to scale simply because RPA is the wrong solution for the job. You may be trying to solve a problem with RPA when a workflow platform is the right solution. Similarly, you’ve just deployed BPM but you’re focusing too much on what the tool can offer rather than what your business needs. In this session, discover how to effectively determine which tool is the best fit for the job.

Key takeaways
  • Increase cost savings and boost productivity with the right solutions
  • Implement and leverage the right technologies to accelerate the entire process
  • Streamline and re-engineering underlying business processes to drive higher efficiency
Session reserved for Edgeverve

11:30SGT Closing the skills gap on BPM implementation projects

Automation projects are in high demand across Asia, however having the right resources is the biggest challenge today. It is not enough to rely on the vendor to implement all business changes - a company’s employees will have a role to play. In this session, discover how to create an environment for a full BPM roll out.

Key takeaways
  • Implementing a change-management strategy
  • Recruiting, training and retaining quality skilled professionals
  • UpscalIng the enterprise with continuous improvement strategy

BPM & RPA APAC LIVE 2019 is for anyone responsible for improving the agility of their business.
More specifically, the event has been designed for Chief / Directors / Heads and General Managers of:



Business Transformation

Business Improvement

Enterprise Architecture


Continuous Improvement

Process Excellence

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