Achieving Excellence: Allstate Insurance’s Revamped Six Sigma Training Program

About this Podcast...

Allstate Insurance Company’s Six Sigma program is nearly 10 years old. It’s hugely successful, with significant benefits across the organization. However, you won’t find the company resting on its laurels.

In 2009, with a change in Six Sigma leadership, Allstate examined whether it was really necessary for everyone to go through a three week Black Belt training program just to learn the tools. Cue the new vision: to be able to provide any leader with a scaled down, customized tool training workshop that would cater specifically to his or her own business needs.

In this Profit through Process podcast, Lilly Eng, Training Director for the Six Sigma program at Allstate, shares this new development with Genna Weiss of Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ. Eng discusses:

•How Allstate has strategically phased in its latest Six Sigma training program
•Examples of Allstate’s customized tool training workshops
•How the training program will grow with the company
•Ways your organization can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of its own Six Sigma training program


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March 25 - 27, 2018
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