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Beyond the Lean Office: interview with author Kevin Duggan

In this PEX Network interview, Kevin Duggan, founder of the Institute for Operational Excellence and author of the best-selling book, Creating Mixed Model Value Stream, and the Shingo Award-winning book, Design for Operational Excellence, talks...

Contributor: PEX Network Editorial
Tue, 02/02/2016
Innovative Lean Development: How to Create, Implement and Maintain a Learning Culture Using Fast Learning Cycles

By Timothy H. Schipper and Mark D. Swets Published by Productivity Press in 2009Authored by two experts in lean, this manual shows how the lean approach can be very effective with those businesses that are innovation-based in terms of product...

Contributor: Book Review
End-to-End Lean Management: A Guide to Complete Supply Chain Improvement

By Robert J. Trent, Ph.D. Published August 2008 by J. Ross Publishing Most organizations today look for quick and easy solutions when searching for cost savings and performance improvements. And efforts to improve supply chain performance through...

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Practically Lean: DIY Guide to Lean for SMEs

Book title: Practically Lean

Author: Nigel Barnes

Practically Lean is a new book giving small and medium enterprises a useful boost in being able to ride...

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