Nigel Warren

Digital innovation – with less coding

We live in an increasingly digital world, and businesses and government bodies all want to invest in digital systems and modernized processes to transform how they serve customers. The end-goal - faster...

Contributor: Nigel Warren
Thu, 01/14/2016
[FORRESTER INTERVIEW] What is Low-code and How is it Different to BPM?
If you’re focused on process excellence for customer experience improvement, then according to Forrester, you should be considering "Low-code development platforms". But what is Low-code? How’s it different to BPM? Where should you apply it? Does it...
Tue, 07/14/2015
Connie Moore

My colleague, Principal Analyst Derek Miers, wrote something so significant in an email recently that it gave me pause:

"It’s all about helping the executive understand the causal relationship between customer (success), process (how it...

Contributor: Connie Moore
Thu, 03/29/2012