Achieving OpEx Through Big Data in an Evolving FS Climate

"Data without meaning is useless" is a very true tale in the financial services sector today. Firms which successfully tap into their data to unearth meaningful, visualised and leveraged information to improve functions enterprise-wide are...

Mon, 11/02/2015
The Future of Operational Excellence
Making the ‘human system’ the focal point of transformation efforts unleashes extraordinary, tangible results.Focusing on the human system (the organization culture) not only leads to a business impact five to eight times greater than initial...
Wed, 10/21/2015
OpEx in Oil & Gas Calgary Pulse Check
Ahead of the Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Executive Roundtables event (December 1 - 2, 2015) in Calgary, this infographic reveals current Oil and Gas market conditions and challenges senior executives are currently encountering and...
Wed, 09/30/2015
Ronald van Loon
Every company in the world is looking to secure its digital future. This ‘digital transformation’ is a difficult process to master. Companies need to ask themselves whether they have what it takes to offer consumers the experiences they demand and...
Contributor: Ronald van Loon
Mon, 09/21/2015
[Video] Benchmarking OpEx Best Practice in Manufacturing
This PEX Week session by Rick Hepp, Executive Director, Operational Excellence, Global Manufacturing & Supply, at Bristol-Myers Squibb, looks at how to reach an industry benchmark in manufacturing through operational excellence: the skills,...
Wed, 08/12/2015