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Leveraging Workflow Management and Automation to Improve Productivity, 
Efficiency and Communication

In an era of increased remote working, Workflow Automation has become increasingly important as a way to improve the efficiency of end to end processes as well as engagement levels in your remote teams.

By clearly defining both the roles within your organisation, and how tasks and information flows between those roles, you thereby create a system where less time is spent following up on colleagues, and more time is spent delivering the task at hand.

With that in mind, Workflow Automation 2020 has been designed to help you optimise your organisational workflow by focusing on:
    • Mapping existing workflows throughout your organisation
    • Identifying inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement
    • Creating pre-defined business rules to shape information flow
    • Leveraging the data generated by your workflow projects to identify and address bottlenecks

Binu Surendranath

Binu Surendranath

Global Process Owner - Finance Payout


Kenneth Newton

Kenneth Newton

Director, Service Delivery at NASA Shared Services Center


Jason Trent

Jason Trent

Senior Director - Product


Shay O'Connor

Shay O'Connor

Head of Solutions


Paul Stone

Paul Stone

Solution Architect and Product Strategist


10th November 2020

14:00 GMT  Why Workflow Automation is a Natural Successor to Traditional BPM

Join Binu as he presents a selection of top workflow automation success stories from within Microsoft and shares the business impact of this automation on their day-to-day operations.

  • Why more businesses are turning to automated workflows to boost their productivity and bottom line
  • Using workflow automation to eliminate mismanaged tasks, resulting in wasted productivity and lead management
  • How Microsoft is utilising workflow automation in various parts of the business to achieve greater flexibility and speed up processes
Binu Surendranath, Global Process Owner - Finance Payout, Microsoft

15:00 GMT  Building Smarter Solutions with AI, RPA and DPA

Digital transformation is a key initiative for many organizations, but it can be difficult to navigate today’s complex technology landscape. How can leading-edge technologies like AI and RPA best be utilized to build smarter solutions? What role do DPA solutions play? Join us to learn a practical approach to utilize these technologies to build solutions that drive transformation and optimization throughout your organization. You’ll learn:

  • Why process automation is key to a successful digital transformation effort
  • How to differentiate among various automation capabilities
  • How leading companies are using these capabilities as a competitive edge
Jason Trent, Senior Director - Product, Nintex 

16:00 GMT  How LSTM Replaced Paper and Inspired Collaboration With Workflow Automation

Learn how a large educational institution has created a new culture of engagement and collaboration that benefits all stakeholders with no code process automation

  • Discover how Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine have rapidly automated more than 100 workflows within 12 months
  • Addressing challenges around compliance and paper-process inefficiencies in their HR and Finance departments, by digitizing their business processes with flexibility and speed
  • Hear real world insights into how this organization has improved efficiencies, visibility, and employee experiences with no code process automation
Shay O'Connor, Head of Solutions, FlowForma 
Paul Stone, Product Strategist, FlowForma

Workflow automation is hugely advantageous in enabling companies to operate remotely with confidence. Discover how NASA is working with external suppliers to automate various aspects of their workflow operations. In 2020, they have migrated quickly to cloud-based systems to enable their staff to work from home, cutting rental expenditure and creating maximum flexibility for NASA operations in the future.

  • Reviewing the advantages of applying automation to various workflows to free up staff to concentrate on their core mission and achieve optimal productivity
  • How you can use automation to eliminate repetitive tasks while increasing efficiency and productivity by freeing up staff to make more sales, nurture more relationships and make more money.
  • How NASA has implemented automation across many different workflow processes such as finance, HR, procurement and acquisition, as well as many others
  • Expectations for the new normal, with automation at the center 

Ken Newton, Director, Service Delivery, NASA Shared Services Center, NASA

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