Technology Excellence Week

Driving a Pathway to True Operational Excellence through Digital Technologies and the Cloud

Returning September 21-23, 2020

Technology Excellence Week 2018 Agenda

In 2018, our clients will fast-track their business transformation strategy and accomplish customer excellence through technological drive.

For the past 19 years our PEX events have been focused on the traditional methodologies of business transformation. Thanks to the increasing interest around technology, innovation, and its adoption to simplify processes and achieve operational excellence, we were encouraged by our PEX Network community to create an event centered purely around Technology Excellence.

TEX Week 2018 brings together organizations in the US with COOs, CIOs, Chief Business Architects and OpEx leaders who are looking to understand how the adoption and implementation of useful, cutting-edge technology into business processes can address their operational challenges and drive true business transformation. Join us and connect with hundreds of fellow expert-level practitioners and conduct focused networking with prospects interested in your products and solutions.

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