Integrating Internet of Things & Blockchain Technologies at Boeing

Integrating Internet of Things & Blockchain Technologies at Boeing

There has been a lot of noise in the Blockchain space for a number of years. Many companies have begun to implement the data technology but had been hindered by a number of obstacles and governance challenges. Despite this, more and more companies are making strategic steps into the Blockchain space, with many enterprise-wide solutions going live across the tech space.

In this interview, we spoke with Kumar Duraisamy, the current Lead Enterprise Architect at Boeing, to discover how Boeing are progressing with Blockchain technology and how they are successfully ensuring that their Blockchain function fits seamlessly with already established Internet of Things (IoT) frameworks.

Learn about Boeing’s entire journey with Blockchain, including motivations and difficulties. Kumar also shares how he and his team have helped to create an airtight strategy that is allowing them to progress with the advanced technology at a quick and efficient pace.

Discover the best ways to fully integrate Blockchain into your business with this exclusive interview.

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