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Three Reasons Why Visual Management Tools Fail

By: Daniel Markovitz

Organizations pursuing continuous improvement often rush to deploy visual management boards. The reason that they fail to fulfill expectations is that the necessary groundwork hasn’t yet been laid. Here are the three most common mistakes.

How Technology is Transforming Traditional Industries

By: PEX Network

When you think of traditional industries such as printing, you’re not very likely to associate it with the latest technologies and digital transformation. In this exclusive interview with Brad Ellis, the Director of Product Development at Mimeo, we wanted to know how complexity can be achieved when the demand is for a fast and seamless move from design to completion. 

Robotic Process Automation: Reality vs. Fairy Tale

By: TEX Week

The excitement around RPA is real, but does the automation solution live up to its billing? On the surface it, automation repeatable processes might seem like a no-brainer, but with popularity comes scrutiny. With a large amount of RPA implementation failures taking place, the darling of the automation industry does deserve a closer look.

The Contradictions between Excellence and Innovation

By: Jose Pires

For most people and organizations, excellence and innovation are forces pulling from very different directions. In a world where technology and process have to work together seamlessly, discover more about the contradictory relationship between excellence and innovation with Jose Pires.

The Top 5 Technologies to Implement in 2019

By: TEX Week

Digital technologies are increasingly becoming the must have tools when it comes to achieving operational excellence. So, where should organizations start on their technology excellence journey? The Technology Excellence Report: The Current State of TEX shared with us the top technologies that organizations across the globe are currently planning to implement over the next 12 months.