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Join the top RPA & AI thought leaders as they share their practices, strategies and opinions on adopting RPA into businesses at PEX Network's virtual event!

RPA Live is not just another Robotics conference.

We’re not here to tell you how great RPA is or make bold claims on the money or time it can save you. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you will have heard the stats. This event is dedicated to practical advice, key takeaways and templates you can implement right-away no matter your maturity. In fact we want to simplify RPA; separating what you really need to know from the white-noise and helping you speed up your path to RPA industrialization.

In the below agenda we have topics for companies at every stage of RPA maturity; from bots to cognitive automation and even AI.

Each session finishes with 3 key takeaways that will make a real difference to your company. 

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Featured Speakers

Day One 24th June

2:00pm BST – 2:40 BST

Hear from Angela Mangiane, President of Mars Global Services (MGS), about they have overhauled and redefined an organisation which for years was struggling to mature and to add tangible business value.

Understand how, over the past two years, Angela and her teams have re-energised the 2,400 employee-strong business services organisation, challenging the perception that a role in MGS equals being subservient to the wider organisation, and how they have created a culture of continuous, grassroots improvements. Learn how, through their "we are all digital" campaign, they saved 300,000 hours in 2018 through automation, and how through a targeted hiring campaign they are creating a culture whereby business services is seen as a vital part of the wider organisation and not a separate entity.  

Angela Mangiane, President, Mars Global Services

2:45pm BST 

Identifying which processes that can be automated has often been highlighted by our customers as one of their leading challenges in scaling RPA across the enterprise. This process can be time-intensive and inaccurate yet keeping automation pipelines full is imperative to achieving maximum ROI and efficiencies for RPA investments. 

Our expert panellists will show you how easy process discovery and using RPA can be along with real examples, and you’ll leave with an understanding of 
  • How your business can repeatedly and sustainably deploy RPA with strategic insight regarding potential ease-of-automation, hours-returned-to-the-business and potential savings. 
  • How to leverage a rich technical partner ecosystem to bring intelligent skills to your digital workforce and witness real use cases using AI with RPA to understand the art of the possible that will inspire you.

Chieng Moua - Vice President of Innovation, Blue Prism
Neil McEwan - Customer Programme Director, Blue Prism
Jack Target -
Senior Integration Architect, Blue Prism
Abdullah Atek, Senior Solutions Engineer, Blue Prism
John Bailey, International Pre-Sales Manager, Blue Prism

3:45pm BST 

With the growing pressure to automate businesses today, discover how you can bring human and digital workforces together, by effectively combining people processes with the robotic process for greater automation and better customer experience. This session has been designed to demonstrate how to empower business users to have greater self-service and control over the robots using Robotic Workforce Manager (RWM), and how to empower automation Center of Excellence (COE) with greater visibility into the digital workforce operations.

Customer case studies and session focus include:
  • Aviva, on how they were able to unify 22 different systems, resulting in 9x acceleration of customer service response times using RPA
  • S&P Global, on how they combined Blue Prism RPA with Appian and Natural Language Generation (NLG) to deliver end-to-end automation.

Prittam Bagani, Director of Product Strategy, Appian

4:45pm BST 

RPA has spearheaded the drive towards intelligent process automation and provides a relatively low-cost starting point for a strategic digitisation program. Despite a number of success stories, there is still generally disappointment about the benefits achieved, the scale achieved and the sustained value of RPA. This session will highlight the key success factors for achieving optimum value from intelligent process automation using the right tools to identify the best automation opportunities and the right methodology to generate the optimum benefits from intelligent process automation.

    - How to avoid the pitfalls of RPA program inertia
    - How best to undertake process and operational assessment for identifying IPA opportunities
    - How to generate the optimum benefits from your IPA investment

Peter Clarke, Partner, Virtual Operations 

Martin Adams, Solutions Consultant, Signavio 

Day Two – 25th June

3:00pm BST 

Despite the bold claims of value and highly publicized success stories, not all RPA journeys end well. According to EY, between 30-50% of RPA projects fail. However, there are a few intelligent steps to take before you get started and during your RPA projects to ensure your organization winds up in the black on your RPA project. This session will provide tactics on what to do prior to your project and how to quantify value during and after your project.

Fabian J. Baldauf, Product Marketing Manager, Celonis

4:00pm BST 

Graham will be discussing how a successful digital transformation and intelligent automation strategy combines RPA, AI and DPA (digital process automation) with the necessary expertise and planning to support comprehensive end-to-end process automation. Looking at how combining the power of robots with human-based tasks into a strategy that can orchestrate and manage the flow of work across both, whilst dynamically and continuously improving your customer’s experience, allowing for a truly sustainable digital transformation journey regardless of how quickly the technology landscape changes.

Graham Penman, Senior Technical Specialist, K2

5:00pm BST 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots have already made a significant impact by increasing efficiency, productivity, and profitability across all industries globally. Today, RPA is no longer limited to predefined tasks and structured data. AI-based “smart” cognitive bots are capable of handling ambiguity and make decisions similar to their human counterparts. These additional capabilities enable a fundamental shift, elevating automation tools into the role of full-functioned human assistants. In this webinar we will explore the concept of Digital Worker, learn about technology behind it and show specific examples of how Digital Workers augment human workers taking on the most tedious tasks.

Manish Rai, Head of Product Marketing, Automation Anywhere
Louis Greak, EVP Business Development, Transform AI
Bill Weathersby, Partner, Transform AI

Day Three – 26th June

2.00pm BST 

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a term now heard across enterprises large and small. While there’s no doubt that RPA has become a popular part of many business’s automation strategies, there’s still a lot of confusion out there about what robotic process automation really is and what it can do for your organization.

If you’re hearing terms like digital workforce, software robot, and automation centre of excellence, but aren’t sure what it all means, this webinar is for you. Watch to learn about the advantages of automation with RPA, real-life robotic process automation use cases, and common RPA terminology.

This RPA webinar also dives into topics like:

    - What makes robotic process automation so popular
    - Strategies for taking the first steps with RPA
    - Avoiding common pitfalls when getting started

Donnie MacColl, Director of EMEA Technical Services, HelpSystems 

Andrew Usher, Technical Consultant, HelpSystems 

3:00pm BST 

Businesses are investing in AI and RPA to automate customer service operations, but these initiatives can have a tendency to stall when confronted with ambiguous data and documents. Optical character recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing has been designed to extract and validate that data to help RPA work effectively with unstructured messages that drive customer service.
In this session, discover how a major bank was able to extrapolate the value of RPA and BPM initiatives through ‘content skills’ to improve customer service operations around:
    - Customer onboarding
    - Loan application, underwriting and approval
    - Fraud detection
    - Customer satisfaction

    Reginald Twigg, Director of Product Marketing, ABBYY

    4.00pm BST 

    As with most industries, digital transformation in competitive financial and insurance industries requires unprecedented levels of speed, intelligence, agility and cost efficiency. Reliance on repetitive manual processes is costly and inefficient, while high human error rates, regulatory and compliance pressure and back office inadequacies mean that institutions must address the legacy way they currently work to achieve best-in-class digital workforce solutions.

    In this session you’ll learn about:  

      - How to accelerate and scale up your automation journey with Process Discovery  
      - AIG Insurance (Israel) and how they saved 83 monthly work hours by automating a single process
      - A major bank increased compliance and minimized non-compliance costs
      - Practical tips for a successful RPA journey

    Daniel Peled, VP Global Advisories and Digital Transformation, Kryon

    Day Four – 27th June 

    2.00pm BST  

    Minit has been evangelizing the automation market on RPA and process mining synergy for years. We are excited to share our insights and teach how RPA technology can truly benefit from process intelligence, based on process mining technology, no matter the stage of the RPA initiative. This includes the initial phase, as well as operational monitoring or the measurement of benefits. Process mining with RPA is the perfect marriage.
    Until now, we have just been touching the surface, but the low hanging fruits are gone. It’s time to drill down, to go literally a few levels deeper. In the darkness of the RPA underground, it is more than necessary to have a good headlight, that is able to enlighten the path through the forest of heterogeneous event log granularity in end-to-end process monitoring, the valley of user interaction recording for RPA candidate identification and the lake of bottleneck shifts in hybrid process models.
    In this session digital workforce walks this path hand in hand with the human.

    Michal Rosik, CPO, Minit
    Richard Lipovsky, CMO, Minit

    5:00pm BST

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a new transformative technology that is gaining traction in most parts of the world. Potentially, it provides the promise of increasing productivity, reducing cost and error rates, freeing up capacity for businesses to maintain competitiveness. However, in practice, some results have not lived up to expectations. Traditionally, the approach taken to RPA has been very much top-down and enterprises are now starting to consider alternative deployment methods in order to realize the full potential of RPA to achieve better business outcomes.

    This session will highlight why a traditional top-down approach is not the full answer. It will also introduce the Softomotive People1st approach to RPA which turns conventional wisdom  on its head by putting power in the hands of the end-users. This is designed to offer an alternative lower cost of entry to RPA, more innovation, better employee engagement and ultimately, better business results.

    Bob Weare, Chief Marketing Officer, Softomotive

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