From Discovery to Enhancement: Optimising your Processes to 
Unlock Value Across the Entire Organisation 

15 - 16 September, 2020
| Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel, London, United Kingdom

Process Mining 2020 Agenda

Process Mining 2020 Agenda

The adoption of process mining has sky rocketed in recent years, as businesses are discovering the unrivalled insights this provides into how their process are actually operating. Process Mining has been proven to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and bottlenecks in the processes themselves, and ultimately improve their bottom lines.

Join us in September for what will be the first dedicated Process Mining conference of its kind in the UK, where we will hear various different case studies from organisations that are reaping the benefits that this technology can bring, not just as an analytical tool to fine-tune processes, but also as a means to achieve day-to-day operational excellence as they move towards an overall strategic digital transformation.

At a time of immense competition for businesses, place yourselves ahead of the curve by propelling your operational excellence and digital transformation with us at the Process Mining Summit this September.

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