Pre-Conference Workshops

Exclusive Pre-Conference Workshop Afternoon – July 10th 

With the rise of new Fintech technologies, rapidly changing consumer demands and behaviours, and the advent of Industry 4.0, the need to transform for the Financial Services & Manufacturing industries are clear but the path to excellence in this space is increasingly clouded by a myriad of fresh challenges. 

Alternatively, join our industry agnostic Transformation Excellence workshop lead by Nigel Thorn, Chief of Agile at Toyota Connected and discover how to lead the transformation of your enterprise and help change the mind-set of your workforce. Discover solutions to your change management challenges and implement a comprehensive strategy and framework to deliver performance improvement. 

On the eve of the OPEX Exchange, please join us for our exclusive, intimate workshops examining how you can achieve organizational excellence for your enterprise whilst undergoing a holistic and extensive transformation.


Delivering continuous performance improvement through agile transformation

Exploring real world examples and lessons learned from Toyota’s agile transformation in a manufacturing context.
  • What lessons have been learned? What patterns have been detected?
Examining how to change your enterprise to adopt agile and scrum ways of working
  • What does this look like for your organization? Does one size fit all?
  • Assessing how your leadership view this change and how you can achieve buy-in for your move to agile
  • Understanding agile at a deeper level through a systems thinking approach
  • Investigating what new techniques can help enable your business transformation
  • Evolving to meet demands of business agility across the business
  • Understanding how system thinking will change the way you work and yield greater value for lower cost.
  • Understand Agile budgeting and how to fund people and not projects.
  • Learn how you can adopt new agile methodologies and ways of working to drive continuous improvement and innovation
  • Learn how to use Scrum as a behavioral framework that can be applied in any context.
  • Understanding the Agile mindset and how to become an advocate for Agile in your enterprise by changing mindsets to drive quality improvement and waste reduction.
  • Learn how to build self organizing and self managing teams to deliver better ways of working across your enterprise.
Nigel Thurlow, Chief of Agile, Toyota


Transforming your operations and processes across your plants and factories

• Identifying and establishing process and improvement leadership capabilities within your organization

  • Establishing a winning operational improvement management team
  • Building a lean management system

• Understanding why and how to ensure your quality improvement plans are data-driven

  • What data and why?
  • Why and how should you incorporate this data into your operations and quality improvement plans?

• Breaking down internal silos to improve information flow across your organization

• Developing a customer and product centric approach to your manufacturing operations whilst retaining your cost-effectiveness

• Reducing wastage and getting in front of faults and errors through predictive analytics technologies

• Mapping out the road to digital success in manufacturing

  • Reducing the complexity of your processes across every part of your organization
  • Assessing opportunities within your organization for the Internet of Things
  • Implementing new connectivity in to your processes to achieve excellence and continuous improvement

• Examining how machine learning and robotic process automation can reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies across your manufacturing lines


Solutions to Fintech Disruption and Future-Proofing your Continuous Improvement

• Creating an organizational structure that enables transformation and continuous improvement across the business

  • How can you build a compelling case with your leadership team to drive improvement
  • Alignment of single metrics to foster collaboration and cross-functional processes to measure company performance

• Operational excellence programs to advance the digital transformation

  • Aligning your technology and strategy to deliver disruptive innovation
  • Integrating processes and technology to enable your company to be more reactive to your customers
  • Examining high impact processes and support tools that enable the digital enterprise

• The best practices you can take for impactful RPA adoption

  • What early benefits your finance department will gain through RPA integration
  • Real examples and challenges of implementation
  • The future of RPA and the direction that cognitive AI will develop and shape your finance department

• Change Management as a culture of Continuous Improvement

  • Setting the standards for work and delivering them across the organization
  • Implementing a comprehensive framework to shape and measure culture change
  • Quantify and visualize your results with heat maps, cultural parameters, employee engagement surveys and improved finances

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