Process Mining and Digital Transformation at Siemens

By: Dr. Lars Reinkemeyer

New digital technologies are helping businesses achieve operational excellence in quicker and more innovative ways. Dr. Lars Reinkemeyer, the Global Process Mining Lead at Siemens, spoke to us about how Process Mining is aiding operational excellence across their business. In this blog post, learn how one of the leading industrial manufacturing companies in Europe have utilised Process Mining.

How important are operational excellence and digital transformation currently at Siemens? Why?

“Digital transformation is very important for companies like Siemens with a 170 year history, as they need to look closely at how to leverage business opportunities that can be provided by digital transformation. Digital transformations are extremely important in driving operational excellence as they allow businesses to discover their own operational improvement potentials. To give an example of where this can be leveraged, we have millions of customer orders and a large percentage still send paper or fax orders. In a digital age this needs to be improved in order to make the business more efficient, and this is exactly why both operational excellence and digital transformation are important to Siemens. They ensure businesses can be both successful and efficient.”

At OPEX Leaders Europe, you’re going to be discussing how Process Mining can drive digital transformation. Could you explain this process in detail as well as the impact it has had at Siemens?

“I have one specific example from the order management aspect of Siemens in which we receive on average around 30 million orders per year. If you look closely at the internal operational processes which are happening, then we have a large number of steps from when the customer order is place until the money is received. Overall, we have approximately 300 million individual process steps. We used Process Mining to see how these activities are currently being handled and search for areas where we can digitise and substitute manual labour with digital activities. Through this process we have substituted approximately ten million manual activities with automation or digital activity. This is something we have tracked throughout the past fiscal year and which we believe has been successful based on the transparency that has been provided by Process Mining.” 

What are Siemens most recent innovations and developments in Process Mining?

“For Siemens, one of our most recent innovations with the aid of Process Mining is that we have developed an RPA scout. Process Mining offers us transparency meaning we can learn in depth about the activities and process we use at Siemens. Based on this transparency we have been able to identify a lot of manual activities which could be replaced by automation through the RPA scout. The second innovation is that we are currently developing a proactive digital assistant. This virtual assistant proactively sends out messages to individuals involved in managing our processes stating when new processes aren’t working and how they should and potentially could be working. This ensures the people involved can immediately get a list of activities that they should look into to improve the process, making it more efficient.”

How have these innovations improved efficiency at Siemens?

“The process of establishing these innovations is currently ongoing at Siemens. However, with the RPA scout, the competence centre of RPA is using this tool in order to evaluate where the biggest potentials are for installing and implementing further RPA technologies. Furthermore, the pilot for our proactive digital assistant is having a very positive impact on certain aspects of the business. Shared service centres in particular are appreciating this tool as they get proactive information on where employees should be focusing their time and efforts in order to make the company more efficient.” []

Dr. Lars Reinkemeyer will be joining us at OPEX Leaders Europe in London to present a case study on how Process Mining is driving Digital Transformation at Siemens and how you can apply similar approaches to your own business. Interested in learning more about the event and Lars’ case study? Click here.