Operational Excellence in the Digital World with KIA

By: Pendar Shahbazi

The concept of digitalisation brings with it many new issues and complexities to dwell upon. So, in the new digital age, how should leaders look at and go about achieving operational excellence? What should an operational excellence leader focus on during this journey? What has changed? There are many questions to be answered about this new style of OEPX. But together with the help of Pendar Shahbazi, the current Head of KIA’s Business Enhancement team, we have compiled four essential focuses that will help leaders to make the most of their operational excellence approach in the midst of digital complexities. 

Being Open to Innovation:

“A process can be improved in many different ways and a major part of improvement is through constant innovations. Innovation is the most integral part of process improvement and without it operational excellence would be almost impossible. It’s the basis of operational excellence.”

Innovation and digital technologies seem to come hand-in-hand and the same can be said for innovation and operational excellence. All three aspects can work closely together to ensure new and improved operational processes. Pendar explains that innovation has been the place from which customer experience is improved and costs are reduced across a huge portfolio of businesses. But it is important to remember, that while innovation can take businesses to the next level, many companies continue to innovate without fully understanding the process and consequences. Innovating simply for the sake of it can sometimes push you away from your path to operational excellence. With that in mind, effort should be put into understanding the market before innovation takes place.

Collaboration between Data and Logical Decision Making:

“A growing challenge within our industry is seeing people rely very heavily upon data without fully understanding what it means and the consequences of using solely this data for decision making. I’m worried that business decisions will be shifted from a logical understanding of business to a data driven understanding. Collaboration between the two is the best way forward.”

Digital technologies hasn’t just helped to transform the nature of operational excellence, it has also offered the industry a variety of challenges and new ideas to tackle. The increased use of technology has increased businesses reliance on data and supplying them with results and solutions. Pendar believes that leadership should not ignore the power of logical decisions for data, there should simply be a collaboration between the two. Pendar uses data to simply support the solutions he offers his leadership at KIA. Re-inventing operational excellence in the digital world means finding a balance between digitalisation and data, as well as the traditional aspects of process transformation. This will allow the new processes to achieve the best overall results. [...]

Interested in finding out what Pendar thinks the other focuses of digital age operational excellence should be? Download the full article here to learn about the importance of leadership and how you can utilise strategising.