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While RPA tools have matured over the last decade and are now widely adopted for enterprise-scale deployments, 2020 kicked-off countless automation and digital transformation initiatives for companies looking to improve their agility, reduce their costs, and enhance the effectiveness of their workforce during turbulent times.

Gartner's predictions for 2021 include growth in hyper-automation, as organizations rely on intelligent automation tools to rapidly identify, vet and automate, to deliver on digital experiences.

With that in mind, PEX Live: Intelligent Automation and RPA 2021 will be sharing practical examples and success stories focused on how to deliver on operational efficiency and optimised customer experiences through:

  • Hyper Automation - combining several components of automation tools and technologies to enhance the ability to automate work
    • AI and Machine Learning - solving the interaction between humans and machines to make better choices, increase agility, consistency & precision
    • Low-Code Automation -  bridging the need for coding skills with visual applications that can be used by less tech savvy business people
    • Process Mining - discovering, monitoring, and improving processes as they actually are and turning event data into insights and actions
  • Scaling automation projects -  identifying how to effectively move from the automation of single touch points to automation at scale
  • Return on Investment (ROI) - accurately measuring the impact of automation not just in terms of cost reduction and efficiency gains, but also in terms of value generated for both customers and the business
  • Digital Workers -  integrating people and increasingly intelligent digital workers to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce

Who should attend? 

PEX Live: IA & RPA is designed for process professionals with a focus on...

Intelligent Automation

Business Architects

Process Owners

Process Excellence

Continuous Improvement

Change Management

Business Process Management

Business Improvement

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