August 26 - 29, 2019 | San Diego

OPEX Week Summer Media Center

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Leadership in Operational Excellence

Leadership in Operational Excellence – Process Improvement Leaders: With Jennifer Hurst and Maddy Del MonteIt’s important to understand what it takes to be a successful leader. So we’ve spoken with two process improvement leaders, with years of experience between them, to help you understa ...

Creating the Ideal BPM Focused Organization

In this article, we speak with Matthew Morgan to discuss how organizations can ensure they are implement Business Process Management (BPM) effectively within their business. Matthew shares his insight into t ...

Utilizing RPA to Support your Business Mission

In this exclusive interview, we spoke with Joshua Beaudry the Founding Director of LPSTK, a non-profit organization and former VP of Process Engineering and RPA at the Bank of America. Joshua shares with us how RPA can help to transform start-ups and non-profits in comparison to larger, legacy or ...

OPEX Summer Business Transformation Leaders Summit Show Report 2018

OPEX Summer Business Transformation Leaders Summit!< ...

Business Case

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In the OPEX Summer Leaders Summit Benchmarking Report, our industry-wide survey (taken by 200 OPEX professionals) asked whether process is getting the upper hand, or whether people still matter.In this report we look at how the cultural changes of the last few years are impacting on leader ...

The New Wave of BPM

Digital technologies are causing a revolution in Business Process Management (BPM), making it a must-consider for any operational excellence professional. BPM is a discipline that helps companies monitor, manage and optimize their process performance through specially designed IT applications.

Experts decipher People vs. Process for business transformation

We spoke to Operational Excellence professionals Dr. Cindy Young, Program Manager at McKean Defense and Mikael Scott, Senior Product Manager at Amazon, to see whether they rely on people or process most to transform their organizations and help reach new levels of customer-centricity.

2018 Sample Delegate List

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PEX Report: Operationalizing Business Performance - Driving Strategic Business Performance through Operational Excellence

Taking the right path to performance excellence requires executives to link processes to company strategy. Without this alignment, you will struggle with engagement, lack focus and won’t reach your full potential. Ahead of the Business Performance Excellence Summit in San Francisco, CA, which ...

10 vital skills to put your team on the path to business excellence

Emerging technology trends and increasing business demands to be faster and more efficient requires a new host of skills from today’s leaders.We shortlisted the 10 most vital skills to put your team on the path to business excellence.

The Path to Process Excellence is Leadership

Emerging technology trends such as data analytics and RPA, amidst increasing business demands to be faster and more efficient to compete in the ever-evolving marketplace requires a new host of skills from today’s leaders.But what does it take to lead in this new environment? Four experts e ...

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The Convergence of BPM and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

You’ve heard about the emerging AI implications for business, but can your organization benefit from BPM enhanced with AI capabilities? See how these synergistic technologies work together to enable enterprise digital transformation, prediction of business outcomes and proactive decision-making. For more information visit View the video here

Becoming Customer Obsessed

An interview with Nathan Hillman, Head of Performance and Transformation about how Ericsson are transforming their operations to position themselves as customer obsessed.Nathan is responsible for driving continuous improvement within Ericcson’s management system to satisfy the quality their customers demand.

OPEX Lean Interview - Has Lean Had it's Day?

Hear from multiple OPEX experts as they delve into the conversation of what is the future of Lean and how has the idea and practice changed. 

Uncovering possibilities with Design Thinking

Ahead of the Design thinking Workshop Day at OPEX Summer, we spoke with Karen Tilstra and Richard Paul of the Florida Hospital Innovation Lab to discuss the importance of design thinking in the 21st century. Giving us an insight into the success of their Innovation Lab, discover how design thinking...

Why Bad Process Leads to Bad Results

In the business process management landscape, the saying “garbage in, garbage out” is as true today as ever. With the preponderance of data flowing through large organizations, the challenges of using that data in a productive way have only increased. And the more ways a business serves its customers (ecommerce,...

PEX Pro Tips E-Book

PEX Pro Tips Get ready for progressive process excellenceIn PEX pro tips eight transformation leaders share their insights on how to embrace a progressive approach towards process excellence, whilst retaining a balance with traditional process excellence tools and methodologies. They discuss the emerging technologies to watch and how to complement...

Raising Your Operational Excellence Game

We spoke to Christy Hartner, Senior Vice President at Commerce Bank about the challenges of tackling operational excellence changes at Commerce Bank, the benefits from doing so and about her insight into the best ways to raise your game in your operational excellence strategies.Christy discussed with us:- How establishing new...