OPEX Week Summit 2020 Blog

Why Excel and PowerPoint aren't the right tools for your Strategy

By: Sophie Gentile

Excel and PowerPoint are great tools, but do they offer the versatility, collaboration and security upon which you can deploy, manage and optimize your strategy? This article by Sophie Gentile covers the pros and cons of traditional tools such as spreadsheets and slide decks vs Strategy Execution software.

Strategy Deployment, Hoshin Kanri and Lean: The Promised Land

By: Christian Loyer

Would or could Hoshin Kanri replace Lean? With Breakthrough Objectives, Annual Goals and eventual Improvement Priorities Hoshin Kanri and Lean will at some point meet, and it truly will be the promised land for your strategy deployment, as Christian Loyer tells all.

5 Ways to Ensure Strategic Objectives don't get lost through the Grapvine

By: Steve Kerr

Remember the popular childhood game where a line of children would whisper a message to one another? When the message reaches the final player, they announce it to the entire group of players and low and behold; it is usually a distorted garble or a pale imitation of the original message. Believe it or not, there is a considerable business lesson to learn from this when it comes to your strategic objectives and operational reality, as Steve Kerr covers.

6 Ways to Mistake-Proof Your Business Process

By: Jason Hogeboom

Mistakes happen; it is a part of business. It’s also part of business to reduce mistakes as much as possible. We sat down with Jason Hogeboom to learn the top six ways in which you can 'mistake-proof' your business, from elimination to facilitation.

How Town of Cary is Building Customer Focused Strategies

By: Nicole Raimundo

The Town of Cary has been completely transformed. We spoke with Nicole Raimundo, the Chief Information Officer for the Town of Cary and orchestrator of this substantial change to learn about the top three initiatives you need to take in order to ensure the customer is at the heart of your OPEX Strategy.

How to Create a BPM Focused Business Environment

By: Matthew Morgan

Business Process Management has been integral in ensuring that business processes are functioning as smoothly and efficiently as possible; a lot of this comes down to the work of individuals. Along with Matthew Morgan of Savills, we share the the top three focuses for making sure that you're recruiting the right people for your BPM organization.

How to Develop a Defect Free Process

By: Jason Hogeboom

Jason Hogeboom, a proven Operational Excellence Consultant, has joined us to explain the procedure of developing a Defect Free Process (DDFP). With an array of experience in conducting this procedure, Jason shares the ins and outs as well as challenges that are likely to be encountered.

Looking at Continuous Improvement Leaders in Operational Excellence

By: Jim Hinderks

In the second interview of our Looking at Operational Excellence Leaders series, we spoke with Jim Hinderks, the current Global Continuous Improvement Director at Hertz, to gain his insight into what it takes to be a successful leader in the continuous improvement space, as well as the challenges he has encountered along the way.

When it comes to Continuous Improvement, One Size Does Not Fit All

By: Shane Wentz

Shane Wentz, the Co-owner of A Change in Latitude Consulting, has joined us to share his insights into continuous improvement and why all organizations should tailor their transformation program to the unique characteristics of their business. Read Shane’s article below to find out more.

The Top 5 Essential OPEX Leadership Traits

By: Megan Shaw

In the lead up to OPEX Week Summer 2019 we have been speaking to leaders from a variety of different sectors across the operational excellence space. These leaders have shared with us an insight into what traits they think has enabled them to be a successful leader. Discover the top five essential traits any successful operational excellence leader needs to have.

Looking at Process Improvement Leaders in Operational Excellence

By: Jennifer Hurst

Over the past couple of months, we have had the opportunity to speak with leaders in several different operational excellence roles, from process improvement all the way to strategy initiative. In this  interview, we spoke with Jennifer Hurst from Nielsen, to gain her insight into what it takes to be a successful process improvement leader.