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The 2020 Virtual (and complimentary!) Summit joins OPEX and Business Transformation Leaders to continue to connect, share strategies, engage in unfiltered discussions, and drive business forward during unprecedented disruption. Focusing on how to push business agility to its limits and bet ...

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OPEX Week Summer - Virtual 2020 | Attendee List

Discover the leading organisations joining OPEX Week Summer - Virtual 2020 this August!

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Infographic: OPEX & Business Transformation in Focus: Innovation

Using tools, governance and culture to support sustainable innovation, the role of OPEX is becoming increasingly involved with disrupting the status quo.

Infographic: OPEX & Business Transformation in Focus: Diversity & Inclusion

For many years, companies have seen diversity as affirmative action or box checking, in reality D&I is about cultivating diverse thinking, perspectives, experiences, work styles, and cultural backgrounds.

Infographic: OPEX & Business Transformation in Focus: Data & Analytics

Big data and analytics can derive insights that help cut costs, make operations more efficient, and target customers better

OPEX Summer | 2019 Post Show Report

If you were fortunate enough to attend OPEX Summer: Business Transformation Leaders Summit 2019 then you wouldn't be surprised to hear that the event was a great success! However if you couldn't attend, discover what happened over the course of four days in San Diego with our Post Show Report...

OPEX Summer | Why Success Can Make You More Likely to Fail

There was one sure way that Drucker knew that an organization or a company was going to fail. If any organization continued to do what in the past had made it successful, Drucker was certain that it would eventually go under. That sounds pretty strange, but if you think about...

OPEX Summer | Experts Decipher: People vs. Process

We spoke with operational excellence professionals Cindy Young, Theater Mission Planning Center (TMPC) Curriculum Developer and Instructor of Leidos and Mikael Scott, Senior Product Manager at Amazon, to see whether they rely more on people or process to transform their organizations and help reach new levels of customer centricity.

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OPEX Summer | Empowering Gen Z to Transform your business

Generation Z, born from the mid 1990s, are bringing completely new challenges to legacy and start-up businesses alike. Instead of being thrown off by the energy of this new generation, William Begeny, the current Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation at Edelman, believes that empowering this generation could completely transform...

OPEX Summer | Leadership in OPEX: Strategy Initiative Leaders

Strategy Initiative Leaders - with Amber Brown, MUFG Union Bank N.A and Laurie Brooks, Kellogg Company we look at:Describing their leadership journey and how they achieved their successesThe challenges they have faced along the way and how they overcame theseThe traits a strategic innovative leader must have to succeed

OPEX Summer | Lean Interview - Has Lean Had it's Day?

Lean has been a core part of Process Excellence for years and has been the plank of many a successful career: think of all those Black Belt and Master Black Belt courses on offer at business schools, not to mention adorning the profiles of members on LinkedIn. So we asked...

OPEX Summer | Continuous Improvement Leaders

In a time when Leadership is one of the most important aspects of a successful improvement initiative, it’s important to know what it takes to be a good leader. We spoke with two successful leaders from Hertz and Voya Financial to discover:What are the key traits of a successful continuous...

OPEX Summer | Uncovering Possibilities with Design Thinking

Ahead of the Design thinking Workshop Day at OPEX Summer, we spoke with Karen Tilstra and Richard Paul of the Florida Hospital Innovation Lab to discuss the importance of design thinking in the 21st century. Giving us an insight into the success of their Innovation Lab, discover how design thinking...

Change Fatigue, Your Guide To Recovery

Too many changes can leave anyone feeling demoralized, unmotivated and stressed – change fatigue, in other words. We asked some leading names from the OPEX world for their opinion on how change fatigue happens, how you can identify it early, and what steps you can take to manage it.

OPEX Summer 2019 | Sample Delegate List of Attendees

Who attended the show in 2019? Download the Sample Delegate List to explore who you could be networking with

OPEX Summer Benchmarking Report | Developing trends in OPEX: challenges, strategies and outcomes

Do you want to know the biggest challenges to businesses this year? Or how businesses are responding to digital transformation? Which strategies are proving successful – and which are a waste of time and money? We have compared the results of last the 2018 People v Process report for OPEX...

OPEX Summer | Putting the Customer at the Heart of your OPEX Journey

The Town of Cary has been completely transformed – thanks to a new Customer-Centric strategy that is solely focused on the needs of citizens. CIO, Nicole Raimundo orchestrated this change for the Town of Cary – read this interview to discover what businesses and municipalities alike can learn from her...

OPEX Summer | When PEX met… Walmart's Vice President Supply Chain Performance

If your business is surrounded by hostile enemies, think about Walmart: making changes in such a large organization is difficult, and competitors are keen to get a slice of the action, whether that’s through competing on  price or convenience. Is the traditional supermarket struggling to keep up?Chris Glover, Vice President...

OPEX Summer | Leadership in Operational Excellence

It’s important to understand what it takes to be a successful leader. So we’ve spoken with two process improvement leaders, Jennifer Hurst, Global Process Excellence Leader at Nielsen and Maddy Del Monte, Former Director of Lean Processes, with years of experience between them, to help you understand what it takes to be...

OPEX Summer | Creating the Ideal BPM Focused Organization

In this article, we speak with Matthew Morgan to discuss how organizations can ensure they are implement Business Process Management (BPM) effectively within their business. Matthew shares his insight into the importance of designing organizations to be centered on the function, as well as taking time to plan and define...

OPEX Summer | Utilizing RPA to Support your Business Mission

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is helping organizations, big and small, to minimize the amount of time they spend on mundane tasks, allowing them to focus their attention on more value adding tasks. Joshua Beaudry, Founding Director of LPSTK Inc. and former Vice President of Process Engineering and Robotics Automation at...