01 - 03 April, 2019 | London, UK

What makes OpEx Europe a cut above the rest?

Not sure if OpEx & Process Transformation Week Europe is you? Here are five reasons this is a conference you won't want to miss.

#1: Interactive and high energy learning environments

OpEx Week's unique peer-to-peer discussion format banishes the “death by powerpoint” overload that characterises so many business conferences. With over 10 interactive discussion groups, idea development workshops and a high energy ideaPitch session the agenda was developed to you a chance to apply what you’re learning in an immediate and practical way.  By encouraging  speakers to share their challenges and identify solutions together delegates get to learn and benchmark against an entire room of their peers rather than just one presenter.

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#2 Breadth of coverage

OpEx Week covers business change in all its forms  – cultural, operational, digital and customer-centric - and focuses on the implementation and leadership challenges common to all. No other conference in Europe brings together such a diverse audience with such a wide range of complementary skillsets.

#3: End user led programme

OpEx Week provides the forum for process and business transformation professionals to share practical, fire-tested advice with their peers. Speakers are practitioners themselves and leaders in their field.

#4: Innovative topics

Focused not just on the technical side of operational excellence, OpEx Week brings in thought provoking talks from experts in psychology, leadership and innovation to inspire and expand your horizons.

#5: Unparalleled structured networking opportunities

PEX Network prides itself on providing original ways of bringing people together. Innovative formats such as the “demo drive” and “speed networking” are designed to help you break the ice, meet new people, and get as much out of the conference experience as you can. The extensive focus on peer-to-peer discussions offer you ways to expand your network and get the insider’s scoop on what really works when it comes to process excellence.

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