01 - 03 April, 2019 | London, UK

2019 Inspirational Speaker

Your Inspirational Keynote 2019

Professor Jo Delahunty QC

Leading UK barrister, Part-Time Judge and Professor of Law

About Jo Delahunty QC:

One of the UK’s most sought-after barristers, Jo deals with complex and contentious family law cases.

Since being called to the Bar in 1986, Jo has come to practise at the High Court level and above. Between 2013 and 2015, Jo acted on behalf of 76 bereaved families in the high profile Hillsborough Inquests and was instrumental in securing the verdict that the inadequate emergency medical response caused or contributed to loss of life.

In a competitive and highly specialist silk field Jo has gained a reputation for formidable advocacy and tactical trial management alongside superb client care and court room forensic skills.

At OPEX Leaders Europe, Jo will share her unique insight into the art of persuasion and winning over adversaries, which she describes as “marshalling information and drowning out the white noise.” Whether you are looking to engage the C-suite in OPEX or embed a major transformation, a fresh look at the power of communication from one of its masters, may progress your cause in a way you hadn’t imagined possible.