01 - 03 April, 2019 | London, UK

2018 Inspirational Speaker

Your Inspirational Keynote 2018

“The Search for Perfection”

Graham Duff

About Graham:

  • Currently a Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot
  • 3 years with the Red Arrows (the maximum allowed stint)
  • Climbed Mount Everest in 2 ½ months
  • climbed mount mckinley, the coldest place on earth
  • UK Special Forces in the gulf war
  • RAF Mountain Rescue Team

Graham Duff is a distinguished RAF pilot who has completed tours with the Red Arrows as a display pilot as well as deploying in Afghanistan with UK Special forces on the ground. His post-military work as a commodities broker and an entrepreneur make him an authority on the parallels between the battlefield and the boardroom. Missing the RAF, Graham re-joined in August this year.

The Talk

In May 2011 Graham climbed to the summit of Mount Everest after a two and a half month expedition. During this time Graham lost 2 and a half stones and saw things many die trying to see.

As a member of the Red Arrows from 2010 for three years (the maximum stint possible), Graham learned about the search for perfection. The Red Arrows is a seamless display of the world’s premier aerobatic display pilots, which at its best will leave you speechless. At the Red Arrows, advanced technologically is not a privilege provided, which means that teamwork needs to be flawless. Before each event an analysis of each flight is undertaken to mark areas for improvement. The constant search for perfection is what drives the greatest display team on Earth.

Join Graham

Tuesday 17th April 2018
17:20 in the Plenary Room of the Hurlingham Club

So, if you believe that teamwork and leadership are a must, and that there’s always room for improvement, then do not miss this once in a lifetime talk from one of the world’s best.