What attendees have said about our OpEx Events:

"Congratulations on running an excellent event.  Feeling energized about the learning. Look forward to staying connected and attending next year." - Christine Pelley, Director, Six Sigma & Operational Excellence, Maple Leaf Foods

"Thanks to YOU! I really appreciated my experience and look forward to the next conference! " Frédéric Brosseau, Founder, Akuting

"The Operational Excellence Summit was a well organized event that included a wide diversity of industry leaders and speakers. I look forward to participating in their future events. " - Rami Hindieh Associate Director, Enterprise Data Management, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

"I absolutely loved the event and am taking away a lot of great information that I can apply or forward to others in my company. " John Ross, Business Process Specialist, Sunflower Electric Power Corporation

"This has been an excellent conference, I have found the topics to be relvant, the speakers exceptional and event to be inspiring. " - Maina Levin, Senior Process Improvement Lead, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

"It´s important to see world trends and learn from the best ones"- Ladislav Nagy, Operational Excellence Senior Expert, SLOVNAFT

"My first time at this event, really enjoyed the experience "- Kevin Mahon Operational Excellence Lead Paradigm Precision

"It has been a pleasure to attend this great session, always good to hear from like-minded people "- Matthew Vaccari Director, Operational Excellence, Canada Life

"Well organized! "- Robert Hutcherson, CEO, Optimize Consulting, Inc.

"Very valuable, for both diversity and quality "- Cristian Matei, Head of Business Transformation, Veolia & Advanced Thinking

"Very valuable...great speakers...very punctual and very well run. It was a genuine pleasure working with you and the rest of your team…such an impressive and professional team from IQPC. This was the best run event of this kind that I have attended…and I heard similar feedback from others around me during the week. I equally look forward to working with you all again next year! It won’t be easy to top this year’s conference but together we will make next year’s even bigger and better ;) "- Les Cyfko, Director M&W Ops, Engineering, CI PepsiCo Canada

"Very informative with lots of practical insights and information "- Jenia Espe, Co-Founder and Master of Big Ides, RedSaured

"It has been a real pleasure to participate to this event "- Eric Berger, Head of Manufacturing System/Transformation, Sanofi

"You and your team work together so well.   Very impressive! "- Jim de Vries Founder, Managing Director, Enhance International Group

"Thanks again to you and your team for your wonderful work at OPEX-Toronto. Looking forward to contributing again in the future. "- Gerard LeChance Head, Quality Performance Management ,Hydro Quebec

"A good experience for me to attend such a varied conference – we can be too insular in my industry and seeing what is happening in manufacturing, retail and finance really opened my eyes on this topic.  I will definitely be encouraging my staff to attend in June. "- Aileen Sullivan Director, Fleet Performance Improvement, Ontario Power Generation

"I discovered a lof hints to will help me resolve day-to-day issues in my operations. "- Anthony Luboya, Corporate Reliability Manager, Atlantic Packaging Products

"Very valuable to learn about the players in Eastern Canada and the journeys they are on "- Arun Jeyachandran, Evolve Partners

"Amazing. It's encouraging to hear organizations of this caliber share their insights as they venture through OpX - both successes and areas to learn and grow from. This conference was extremely powerful. I can't wait to go next year. "- Ilyana Rooke, BC Pension Corporation

"Best conference I've ever attended. Our team will be back next year. "- Nadine Njootli Director, Member Services, BC Pension Corporation

"This event was extremely valuable for us. As an organization that is just starting our operations excellence journey this was incredibly informative and insightful. I really liked that it was a smaller conference, there were so many great speakers and people doing interesting things that it allowed me to be able to connect with some of them and build those connections, that's really hard to do at conferences that have several thousand attendees. "- Robert Bowness, BC Pension Corporation