19 - 22 October, 2020 | Toronto, Ontario

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Website: https://akuting.com

Akuting helps innovative organizations to accelerate their growth by assisting in the digital transformation of the client experience Read More

Bits In Glass
Website: https://bitsinglass.com

Bits In Glass (BIG) is an award-winning software consulting firm helping companies outpace the competition, drive rapid growth and deliver superior customer value through technology. BIG expert consultants find innovative solutions to solve the most complex business challenges across multiple industries and verticals. Trusted by hundreds of clients, we’re the... Read More

Optimize Consulting
Website: http://www.optimize-consulting.biz

Optimize Consulting is a firm providing optimization solutions. Optimize's award-winning approach is based on the "Organizational Optimization"​ Read More

Paradigm Human Performance
Website: http://www.paradigmhp.com

Paradigm Human Performance is a fast-growing global consultancy and training organisation which specialises in all facets of Human and Organisational Performance Improvement.  We support our customers in solving some of their most testing business challenges – those that rely on the people who work for and with them doing the... Read More

Website: http://www.quartic.ai

Quartic.ai is a Waterloo Ontario, and San Jose California based technology company focused on supplying and deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IIoT based solutions that accelerate implementation of Industry 4.0. Our solutions are enabling Operational Excellence focused digital transformation of Fortune 500 manufacturers. Applications implemented include Cognitive Asset Health Management... Read More

Website: http://www.receptiviti.com

Receptiviti is the only real-time culture analytics platform that delivers the insights executives need to continuously improve the productivity and effectiveness of their high-performance organizations. Receptiviti uses proprietary language psychology science to continuously measure the key drivers of performance in your teams, groups and departments -- such as engagement, collaboration... Read More

Website: http://www.thoughtexchange.com

Thoughtexchange helps leaders crowdsource answers to questions in real time. Everyone contributes, everyone learns, without bias. AI and machine learning ensure everyone’s response gets considered by others. Powerful analysis tools instantly surface valuable insights into key areas of agreement and disagreement. Leaders can find common ground, inspire trust and use... Read More