Simon Racicot-Daignault

Senior Director, Generation and Maintenance Hydro-Quebec

A McGill University graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering, Simon Racicot-Daignault joined Hydro-Québec in 2018 as Senior Director – Generation and Maintenance. In this capacity, his duties include overseeing the generation of 63 power plants that, together, produce over 200 TWh of hydroelectricity, making us one of North America’s biggest producers of green energy. Before joining Hydro-Québec, Mr. Racicot-Daignault spent over 15 years working in manufacturing management for various multinationals in the food and transportation sectors. During this time, he honed his expertise in operations management, project management, continuous improvement and lean management. This experience forms the backbone of his approach today, which takes into account key productivity and health-and-safety issues in the operating context. He has also worked in the tech sector, developing film projects and large-scale attractions featuring interactive and immersive experiences. His diversified background is a major asset as we engage with the ongoing energy transition.

MAIN CONFERENCE - Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

9:35 AM SHARED VALUES: A Vital Factor in our Development

As North America’s largest producer of renewable energy, with 62 hydropower generating stations representing assets of $31.4 billion and generating 200 TWh of hydroelectricity annually, Hydro-Québec is embracing the new reality of a fully digital, customer-empowered, transactive power system. To meet the many challenges this involves, our focus is on continuous improvement, proximity management that is more flexible than ever and a unifying culture that makes all our employees active participants in our success. Hydro-Québec is pursuing the shift undertaken to improve its performance and transform the corporate culture. In the area of occupational health and safety (OHS), the sharing of responsibility by teams on the ground is key to bringing about change. We’ve therefore launched regional transformation initiatives to ensure that all employees feel invested and involved in the shift. The result has been a new synergy between working groups in every division, who have teamed up to reduce incident frequency and severity As we amp up our OHS initiatives, we’re also working to foster an engaging corporate culture founded on certain core principles essential to solid, disciplined performance: specifically, instilling shared values, acknowledging desirable behaviors, and developing skills and talents. It is our hope that in doing so, we can help our employees achieve their full potential so that they, in turn, will be better equipped to help us meet our objectives in our new business context. The shift in health and safety “from priority to value” challenges and real impacts - How to make this fundamental value part of our DNA. Introduce predictive maintenance and automate some processes - How these changes will significantly improve performance Put training at the service of employees and foster excellence —The LEAN Academy of Hydro-Québec

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