21 - 24 October, 2019 | Toronto, Ontario
Karen Priestman, Human Factors Lead at Paradigm Human Performance Ltd.

Karen Priestman

Human Factors Lead
Paradigm Human Performance Ltd.

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Pre-Conference Workshops: October 21,2019

Monday, October 21st, 2019

9:45 AM Workshop C: Sustaining Operational Excellence Amid Complexity and Change

Organizations are socio-technical systems.  With rapid advances in technology and globalization, today’s socio-technical systems have become complex; this complexity is sure to continue to grow exponentially in the future. A key element of the complexity of today’s socio-technical systems is the dynamics, with often unexpected emergent properties appearing in the “system” (the organization) over time. 
The dynamics of these emergent qualities is not always sudden; sometimes more subtle organic change occurs in the form of “organizational drift”. The effectiveness of traditional strategies and analysis methods to understand and manage system performance amid such complexity and certain change is limited at best. So how do we achieve and truly sustain operational excellence given these realities?
This workshop will provide an overview of the characteristics of complex socio-technical systems, particularly relating those characteristics to vulnerabilities in overall system performance that are likely to challenge your operational excellence goals. Combining concepts of resilience engineering, Safety II, human factors and organizational change management, we step through some key principles for creating sustainable excellence. As always, understanding the strengths and limitations of the people in your organization will be crucial to success. The workshop will also highlight some tools and techniques to help you leverage the benefits that human capability and adaptability bring.
Participants will be given some pre-workshop preparatory work to document where they are on the road to their performance goals, their success areas and their challenges. During the workshop we will have the opportunity to explore these “roadmaps”, sharing learning with each other about successes and pitfalls, and working through challenges using some of the new techniques. The goal is to realign your Operational Excellence strategies and roadmaps where necessary to achieve the sustainability we should all be aiming for.