2017 Presentation - Industry 4.0: The Next Wave of Operational Excellence in the Age of Disruption

In this practical, engaging, thought provoking and highly actionable session Henrik discussed:

  • The impact of Industry 4.0 on hazardous industries
  • The latest research on the digital forces that are shaping the Energy and Chemicals industries
  • The future of productivity and growth
  • The paradigm shift that’s happening to operational risk, reliability and safety
  • The building blocks of the next wave of Operational Excellence

Best known as the father of the digital agenda and co-founder of Industry 4.0, Henrik von Scheel is listed by the Financial Times as one of the most influential business thinkers on cooperate and national competitiveness. His work has been applied to national economies, influenced GDP growth, reset government policy and set standards that are applied by 26 NATO members. Henrik has worked on transformation projects with Shell, Aramco, Petronas, Statoil, Mærsk and Exxon, to name a few. He is a prolific writer and author of 6 best selling books and over 40 articles, and currently serves on the board of Google, Gazprom, World Economic Forum, LEADing Practice and the Global University Alliance.

Henrik von Scheel, Co-author of Industry 4.0, Advisory Board Member at Google & Gazprom

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