About Operational Excellence Week Canada

Operational Excellence Week Canada is a gathering of over 150 operations leaders - all looking to improve business performance and challenge the status quo.

Taking place October 18-21, 2021 in Toronto, next year's program will bring you over 50 case studies and show you how to eliminate inefficiencies in your operations, reduce operational risk, harness digital transformation and build a sustainable culture of operational excellence. We’ve added all new tracks on Leadership & Culture, Process Excellence, Business Transformation, Lean, Customer Excellence, Digital Excellence and Operations Management Systems.

Change can be challenging…..but complacency isn’t an option. Join us at Canada’s only cross-industry event on Operational Excellence and meet hundreds of business leaders all focused on making the commitment to OE today to emerge lean, agile and more competitive tomorrow.

You'll walk away with the tools you need to:

  • Develop a holistic OPEX strategy and drive enterprise transformation
  • Drive Operational Excellence to the frontline
  • Improve Agility and Streamline Operations with Robotic Process Automation
  • Understand the Impact of Human Factors on Business Performance
  • Determine how reliable and efficient your operations are - and then set targets for change
  • Improve your Management System to better identify - and Eliminate - Sources of Risk and Value Loss in your Operations
  • Understand the Impact of OE on the bottom line and fully harvest the benefits of scale, technology and standardization
  • Drive Operational Excellence through a Center of Excellence
  • Build a culture of OE and improve quality, reliability, customer experience - and profitability Identify the strategic value levers and performance improvement opportunities in your company - and set targets for change
  • Accelerate your digital strategy and the action plan to make it happen
  • Apply better analytics to find untapped cost efficiencies Dramatically improve control over your back office and operational processes
  • Combine Lean methodologies with design thinking, agile and analytics
  • Harness big data, analytics and AI to fundamentally transform operational efficiency Guide employees towards repeatable, optimized behaviour and habits
  • Dramatically Improve Control over your Back Office and Operational Processes
  • Guide employees towards repeatable, optimized behavior and habits
  • Identify the strategic value levers and performance improvement opportunities in your company - and set targets for change

"Congratulations on running an excellent event. Feeling energized about the learning. Look forward to staying connected and attending next year." - Christine Pelley, Director, Six Sigma & Operational Excellence, Maple Leaf Foods