January 21 - 24, 2020
Orlando, FL

Don Linsenmann

1.    Please tell us one interesting fact about yourself. Additionally, what would be a good present to get you?

I lived in Geneva, Switzerland for a couple of years. Golf balls!

2.    What are the top three points that you wish to highlight to delegates during your session?

•    It’s all about people
•    Transformations are hard work
•    Coaches and mentors can be invaluable

3.    If you were to sum up your current PEX strategy in one sentence, what would it be?

Through people, focus on the quality of your business, not the business of quality.

4.    What is your biggest challenge?  What solution would make your life easier?
  • Business transformation: Full appreciation that any transformation can be run as an end to end process using facts and data
  • Leadership, culture, behavior: See above!
5.    What are you looking to gain from PEX Week?

Networking and good conversation on the attributes of a successful transformation

6.    What is your prediction on the future of PEX, say, in 2050?

Virtual PEX DNA in all enterprises that have survived