Cristian Matei

Founder & President Advanced-Thinking

Masterclass & Industry Deep Dives - January 25th (All timings in EST)

Monday, January 25th, 2021

10:00 AM MASTERCLASS: BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT - transforming business DNA to drive business turnaround and growth

Setting up and carrying out an enterprise business transformation program to achieve significant growth and turnaround results is far from an easy task. It is even more difficult to sustain the results afterword and to embed the Continuous Improvement capability within the new created framework. Cristian has done it many times delivering millions in business value. He is a firm believer that Business Process Management is the key methodology that can be deployed to achieve transformation goals and he will share the how in this workshop session, while he will explain the three distinct & chronologically phases of Business Process Management:

·        The management of Business Process (re)Engineering/(re)Design

o   Taking an enterprise architectural overview to holistically design your transformation strategy and ensure it’s linked with business goals and stakeholder needs

o   Why wave after wave of “flavors of the day”-type programs failed?

o   The digitalization trap – like it or not, digitalization is part of Business Process (re)Engineering/(re)Design or Improvement, not the other way around…

o   Redesign business processes, organizational structure & business setup, align vertically and horizontally all KPI’s - all with the business architecture in mind starting from the top of the organization

o   Developing robust risk management system to ensure business continuity

o   Develop Human Capital with crystal clear competency matrix & metrics that are process roles based to change the company DNA

o   Implement flexible management system – aligned procedures, work instructions, job descriptions - to integrate all organizational developments to drive continuous improvement and deliver sustainable results

·        The management of Business Process Execution and Business Process Quality (during execution)

o   How should we manage the day-to-day execution of our Business Processes?

o   How to move from “opinion based” management to “data driven” management?

o   How can we really deploy successful and sustainable Quality-type Programs while executing our Business Processes?

§ How to make Non-Conformity Management, Root Cause Analysis etc. work?

·        The management of Business Process Continuous Improvement

o   How can we really deploy successful and sustainable Continuous Improvement Programs?

§ How to make Lean, Six Sigma, Agile etc. work?

o   How to integrate & align the Quality, Continuous Improvement and digitalization-type programs in the Company?

Keynotes & Virtual Expo - January 26th (All timings in EST)

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

12:30 PM Organizational reinvention amidst the global crisis: Where are we falling short?

The magnitude of crisis organisations are experiencing is paramount and the need for organisational reinvention has never been more urgent, yet many failing to deliver desired results. This session will provide an integrated view on where we are falling short in these transformation efforts to point us with a clear path ahead:

·        Transforming crisis into opportunities: An integrated view of the key challenges

·        Developing a future-proof organizational architectures while introducing advanced technologies

·        How to transform these challenges into opportunities to develop the next generation of leadership and management

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Cristian.

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