Why Digital Transformations Fail by Tony Saldanha

Why Digital Transformations Fail by Tony Saldanha

Exclusively for OPEX Week, Tony Saldanha, Former VP of Global Business Services at P&G and Thought Leader has provided an excerpt of his new book "Why Digital Transformations Fail - The surprising disciplines of how to take off and stay ahead"

"This book is about understanding why digital transformations fail, as a means to a more important end, which is how to thrive in an industrial revolution. It builds upon five major foundations to do this.

  • Companies either transform or die in industrial revolutions
  • Digital transformation is our current generation’s attempt to transform in the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • 70% of all digital transformations fail
  • The surprising answer to why digital transformations fail is a lack of discipline in defining and executing the right steps for digital transformations to take off and stay ahead
  • It is possible to reapply the proven checklist methodology from the airline and medical fields to improve the 70% failure rate

The battle to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution isn’t going to be easy, but it is possible"

Discover why 70% of Digital Transformations fail, how to thrive in an industrial revolution and more with this exciting new chapter!

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