How to Drive a Successful Digital Transformation

How to Drive a Successful Digital Transformation

How can businesses adapt and continuously improve in the new digital world? What are the critical drivers and inhibitors for a successful digital transformation? What are the biggest mistakes that you can avoid? Get all the answers from Digital Transformation Expert, Mark Etwaru!

Mark Etwaru is an independent management consultant and thought leader specializing in digital transformation. Having occupied this space for over 15 years he has worked across a diverse spectrum of industries spanning financial services, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and now luxury retail.

"At the organization I am currently working with, there are several transformation efforts that are running in parallel across functions such as HR, Supply Chain, Legal and Real Estate. I’m responsible for the technologies that are being implemented in the Supply Chain space. We are looking at things like RPA and AI, leveraging machine learning and taking advantage of more advanced data and analytics. This is a complete end to end transformation effort, from the sourcing of raw materials to the distribution of both a B2B and B2C products."

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