Diversity: What's OPEX got to do with it?

Diversity: What's OPEX got to do with it?

What is Diversity and Inclusion? What is Diversity of Thought? What does D&I have to do with Diversity of Thought?

It's a topic that is often over looked in the OPEX world but there has never been a more appropriate time to discuss the value and meaning of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in business.

In an era where headlines often include topics such as #MeToo, racial injustice, and LGBTQ rights, matters previously confined to our personal worlds are becoming increasingly entwined with our professional lives.

With insight from OPEX Week 2020 speakers Erika Westbay (Director of Process Excellence at Best Friends Animal Society) and Ed Jervis (Change and Culture Lead at Serco) we look at the value of creating an environment that embraces Diversity and Inclusion and how Diversity of Thought is just one of the beneficial by-products of doing so.

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