Masterclass & Industry Deep Dives - January 25th (All timings in EST)

10:00 am - 11:30 am MASTERCLASS: BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT - transforming business DNA to drive business turnaround and growth

Cristian Matei - Founder & President, Advanced-Thinking

Setting up and carrying out an enterprise business transformation program to achieve significant growth and turnaround results is far from an easy task. It is even more difficult to sustain the results afterword and to embed the Continuous Improvement capability within the new created framework. Cristian has done it many times delivering millions in business value. He is a firm believer that Business Process Management is the key methodology that can be deployed to achieve transformation goals and he will share the how in this workshop session, while he will explain the three distinct & chronologically phases of Business Process Management:

·        The management of Business Process (re)Engineering/(re)Design

o   Taking an enterprise architectural overview to holistically design your transformation strategy and ensure it’s linked with business goals and stakeholder needs

o   Why wave after wave of “flavors of the day”-type programs failed?

o   The digitalization trap – like it or not, digitalization is part of Business Process (re)Engineering/(re)Design or Improvement, not the other way around…

o   Redesign business processes, organizational structure & business setup, align vertically and horizontally all KPI’s - all with the business architecture in mind starting from the top of the organization

o   Developing robust risk management system to ensure business continuity

o   Develop Human Capital with crystal clear competency matrix & metrics that are process roles based to change the company DNA

o   Implement flexible management system – aligned procedures, work instructions, job descriptions - to integrate all organizational developments to drive continuous improvement and deliver sustainable results

·        The management of Business Process Execution and Business Process Quality (during execution)

o   How should we manage the day-to-day execution of our Business Processes?

o   How to move from “opinion based” management to “data driven” management?

o   How can we really deploy successful and sustainable Quality-type Programs while executing our Business Processes?

§ How to make Non-Conformity Management, Root Cause Analysis etc. work?

·        The management of Business Process Continuous Improvement

o   How can we really deploy successful and sustainable Continuous Improvement Programs?

§ How to make Lean, Six Sigma, Agile etc. work?

o   How to integrate & align the Quality, Continuous Improvement and digitalization-type programs in the Company?


Cristian Matei

Founder & President

Industry Dive

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Building the Financial Services Automation Business Case and Jumpstarting Automation with AI Implementation
Matt Warta - Program Director, IBM Workflow, IBM
Fabio Sant'Anna - Global Banking and Financial Markets Leader - Automation Innovation Unit, IBM
Zach Silverstein - Americas RPA Program Lead, IBM

When faced with uncertainty, the ability of your business to scale up and down has a direct effect on resiliency. The disruption of traditional financial services process requires rapid creation of new products and services while remote employees are struggling to get work requiring new capabilities done. Join this interactive discussion about the automation use case and implementing automation with AI at scale.  


Solving key business process and data management challenges with automation and AI can help fill operational gaps you may be experiencing while freeing your workers to concentrate on high value tasks.


Join this session to find out how you can build resilient business operations to achieve competitive advantage while controlling costs. 


The session will include:

• Real-life case studies of digitizing and automating work to quickly implement business process.

• How to develop your automation business use case.

• Tips for jumpstarting your organization's automation with AI implementation.


Matt Warta

Program Director, IBM Workflow


Fabio Sant'Anna

Global Banking and Financial Markets Leader - Automation Innovation Unit


Zach Silverstein

Americas RPA Program Lead

Industry Group

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Transforming Healthcare and Life Sciences Organizations with Automation and AI
Gillie McCreath - Healthcare Automation Lead, Associate Partner, IBM
Gordon Dziedzic - Data, AI & Automation Sales Manager, IBM

Healthcare organizations have been heavily impacted by Covid and are seeking ways to reduce cost, improve business processes, and enhance the employee experience, all of which can be transformed by Automation with AI. Automation should lead to process improvement and address existing pain points such as manual and repetitive tasks, non-standardized processes, resource utilization tracking, and more.


Join this session to discuss how your organization can utilize automation with AI to drive transformation at your core.


Gillie McCreath

Healthcare Automation Lead, Associate Partner


Gordon Dziedzic

Data, AI & Automation Sales Manager

Industry Group

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm AR for Enterprises: Improving the Employee Experience
Sam Murley - Digital Transformation Director, PTC

As the world’s shift to digitization has been forced into hyperdrive, organizations have found tremendous value in adopting augmented reality (AR) as a tool to drive better workforce resiliency and productivity. AR has been integral in helping businesses create new operating models and accelerate digital transformation, but perhaps equally important is the positive impact it can have on an enterprise’s workforce.  


Augmented reality connects frontline employees with the right information, in the right place, at the right time. By combining the digital and physical world, AR provides employees with the ability to visualize critical information about their work environment and makes completing tasks easier, faster and more accurate. Through this increase in productivity and efficiency, employees feel more confident in and engaged with their work – in turn boosting the retention of valuable knowledge and expertise.  


Join us for a discussion on AR’s impact on employee experience, engagement and culture through the following applications of the technology: 

·        Remote collaboration and support

·        Workforce training and instruction 

·        Capturing and optimizing critical workflows 


Sam Murley

Digital Transformation Director

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Manufacturing Industry Think Tank: Continuous Improvement in 2020, what changed?

Nigel Richardson - Head of Partnerships & Alliances, i-nexus
Sophie Gentile - Pre-sales solution consultant, i-nexus

It’s fair to say that most of you attending this event are in the industry of change. Such as, changing how people do their work in response to future targets, external shifts or step change strategic goals. 

In this session we will explore how the events of 2020 have changed the way we do our jobs as OPEX leaders. Are the historic challenges the same, better or worse, including what new challenges have emerged?

Join us as we explore how “2020” has impacted:

·        The historic challenges facing OPEX on continuous improvement

·        The way that we deliver capability and value in the face of these shifted challenges

·        The definition and management of the goals and targets that underpin improvement

·        The opportunities to disrupt the norms that this 2020 has created

·        The mindset around growth & change within senior leadership

·        The role software is playing around embracing digitalization

What to expect on the day?

·        Share your experience and learn from others in OPEX

·        Participation before and during the session through a mixture of a survey, polls and Q&A

·        The latest industry insights on continuous improvement

·        The journeys our clients have been on and how its prepared them for 2021

·        How a state-of-the-art SaaS platform can be leveraged to rapidly adapt your OPEX program to the challenges we have discussed in a live environment


Nigel Richardson

Head of Partnerships & Alliances


Sophie Gentile

Pre-sales solution consultant

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm OPEX Leaders Masterclass: Gain a competitive advantage by unlocking the power of great leadership

Peg Pennington - President, Moresteam

The principles of the lean management system are neither complex nor difficult to understand, yet many efforts at transformation have great starts but end badly. Why? The answer lies in our own personal behavior as leaders. When we expect everyone around us to adopt lean behaviors, but we ourselves fail to, we subvert all of the good work happening within the organization. This session will focus on the most important elements of the lean management system, the daily huddle. Participants will be presented with multiple video case studies of leaders in the workplace. We will view, analyze and make recommendations for improvements.

Peg Pennington, a highly sought-after speaker and thought leader in the world of Lean Six Sigma will chair this workshop. Prior to driving the daily operations in her current role as president at MoreSteam, Peg spent 18 years at The Ohio State University, including 16 years as the Executive Director at the Center for Operational Excellence.

Strictly limited availability: In order to ensure that everyone can contribute effectively, this session will belimited to a maximum of 20 participants.


Peg Pennington