Workshops Day: 15 March 2021


9:00 am - 11:00 am Workshop A: Business Transformation 101: Executing Your Operational Strategy

SWEAT is the world’s largest online female fitness community, with over 50 million social media follower’s and flaunts some of the world’s most influential fitness instructors. In the short time that SWEAT has been operating, the company has had to scale their business and adapt to the rapid growth they have experienced. This workshop will give you a step by step guide to understanding the basics of establishing a future proof business strategy and executing it in a fashion that drive value and supports market competitiveness.

·        Learn the basics of continuous improvement, and learn to analyse the numbers that need to be analysed to give you a simplistic view of your organisation.

·        Review your data from all channels, and strategise continuous improvement frameworks accordingly.

·        Set up improvement frameworks that assist with the creation of an execution plan.

·        Develop internal transparency and communication to ensure support from your people.

9:00 am - 11:00 am Workshop B: Process Mining for Operational Excellence: Using Process Mining to Standardise Processes and Enhance Efficiencies

With over 12 million members and 30,000+ employees, USAA requires an efficient operational environment, and continuous improvement practices. In this workshop, Laxmikant will focus on how you can utilise process-mining tools to identify redundancies and inefficiencies, in turn maximising profitability and streamlining operational processes. 

  • Using Algorithmic Process Comparison to improve auditing and compliance by ensuring operations conform to instruction
  • Using the outcomes to dictate vendor criteria
  • Learn how you can use process mining to identify and exploit opportunity for automation and digitisation.
  • Utilise Process Mining insights to drive valuable action when executing process improvement and operational strategies across your organisation.


A workshop is offered in an intimate setting that enables you to enhance your learning experience. It is comprised of interactive formats that enable you to bounce ideas off other delegates to create thought-provoking experience and note takeaways that you can implement in your workplace

11:30 am - 1:30 pm Workshop C: Change Management: Ensuring Change Management Initiatives Is Adopted By Your Organisation and Deliver Value Back to the Business.

Melissa Pollard - Associate Director Continuous Improvement & Innovation, NSW HealthShare

This workshop is focused on increasing the understanding of all aspects of organisational change as well as what effective ways are to manage change, increase buy-in to change and minimise resistance to change within an organisation.

  • Insights into different theories related to change management, and analysing the different tools and templates that would best suit your organisation for change management projects.
  • Understand critical components of change management, and design practical interventions focused on minimising resistance and maximising buy-in.
  • Learn how to create a case for change and gain understanding of key success factors of organisational change.

Melissa Pollard

Associate Director Continuous Improvement & Innovation
NSW HealthShare

11:30 am - 1:30 pm WORKSHOP D: Digital Transformation: Leveraging Digital Disruption As An Opportunity to Future Proof Your Organisation

This workshop is focused on the key success factors of Digital Transformation, starting with people. Digital Transformation aims to improve customer experience and sustainability, however employees must buy into the plan and adapt to new technology.

  • Understand why standardising processes before undertaking digital transformation is crucial to the success of scaling automation.
  • Develop an effective communication strategy, designed and implemented to shift culture and engage collaborative effort from all parties to ensure organisational buy-in.

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm WORKSHOP E Digital Innovation 101: Leveraging Digital Disruption As An Opportunity to Drive Value Back to Your Business.

This workshop will teach you how to leverage the disruption of digitisation and drive value back to your organisation through designing 21st century business strategies that accommodate and adopt technology that will enhance operational capabilities.

  • Understanding how to create a road map that will incorporate uptake in new technological capabilities.
  • Developing a workforce that adopts digital integration into the organisation and creates a collaborative environment.
  • Uplifting digital capability to scale your organisations performance and productivity through technology that reduces redundancy and improves efficiencies. 

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm WORKSHOP F Data & Analytics: Understand What To Look For And How To Apply That To The Business’ Needs

Bart Watson - Head of Insights, Toll Group

Data analytics allows accelerated insight creation, but what is important is what you do with the insights and how you can translate that to improve the quality of your decision-making. This workshop will break down how to understand your data through analytics and help identify how to use and apply insights to uplift process improvement and operational excellence.

•        Understand what you and your team are looking for from the data

•        How to make smarter decisions based on the results of data analytics

Why you need to add data scientists to your team


Bart Watson

Head of Insights
Toll Group