19 - 21 April, 2020 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jay Anand

Chief Operating Officer & General Manager FIVE PALM JUMEIRAH HOTELS AND RESORTS

The driving force behind the restructuring of Five Palm Jumeirah to ‘to ensure profitability and realign guest experience’.

Conference Day Two :Tuesday 18 June 2019

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

9:30 AM OPEX Leader 4.0: How Effective Leadership Can Accelerate Operational Excellence

Interactive Panel Discussion

Whilst the adoption of advanced technology is essential to remain competitive, next generation OPEX models will only result in actionable and valuable results if properly actioned by a person who has been effectively directed by their leader.

This session will demonstrate best practices of an efficient OPEX leader who can build teams excelling in operational excellence and organisation agility.

In this session, we will examine:
  • The essential capabilities of an effective leader in growing value and driving business excellence
  • How to ensure that top leadership support your operational initiatives
  • The importance in cultivating accountable employees

12:00 PM Master The Art Of Continuous Improvement: Sustaining A Continuous Improvement Culture To Ensure Business Excellence

Interactive Panel Discussion

Establishing an effective culture of continuous improvement is challenging for many businesses but with todays’ changing work environment and disrupting continuous improvement efforts, it is even more challenging.

Continuous improvement is critical to the health of the organisation, yet 60% of companies fail to yield the desired results. Why are so many businesses doomed for failure?

Key question: What are the critical components of long term continuous improvement in the age of disruption?

In this session, we will examine:
  • Beyond Tech: Why continuous improvement is a culture and not just a technology
  • Discussing the key principles to develop continuous improvement capabilities across the entire enterprise
  • How to develop leadership behaviours and capabilities that drive a continuous improvement culture
  • Key strategies to deepen accountability and sustain improvement results

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jay.

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