19 - 21 April, 2020 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ashley Boots

Head of HR Operations and Transformation, Senior Vice President NOOR BANK

Driving change and business transformation through people, processes and systems at Noor Bank.

Conference Day Two :Tuesday 18 June 2019

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

10:00 AM Making It Happen: The Secret To Driving Corporate Culture Change

Have you ever wondered what companies such as Apple do to create a corporate change culture that sticks? Change can occur in an organisation in many ways – strategic, leadership, process and technological. It is crucial for the business to strive and remain competitive. However, turning plans into reality isn’t easy and many companies find implementing change challenging.

This exclusive session demonstrates the importance of setting a standard for change early and how maintaining consistency can help create a more adaptable, innovative workplace.

Key question:What successful implementers of change initiatives do differently from other organisations?

In this session, we will examine:
  • Why corporate culture-change fails and how to succeed
  • Strategic ways leaders influence organisational change
  • Analyse how to sustain a ‘change-culture’ and make it stick
  • Hear case study examples of companies who led their companies through a major culture shift

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