19 - 21 April, 2020 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Join us as we discover how to break old habits, reinvent, innovate and transform your processes to ensure business excellence. 

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Transform your Processes to ensure Business Excellence

Download this K2 eGuide which is conveniently organized into HR, Purchasing, Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing and IT, plus outlines how departments can transform their processes from slow to streamlined with the K2 digital process automation platform. 

The A-Z of Business Process Management

The A-Z Guide of Business Process Management was designed to answer frequently asked questions on Business Process Management and improvement from ‘What is Business Process Management?’ to ‘How do I implement a BPM system in my organisation?’ Consider this your personal BPM A-Z handbook. 

Survive & Thrive: 9 Emerging Business Process Pillars

This whitepaper clearly and concisely summarises the most important nine developments in business process management, explaining what they are and why you should care, along with guidance for how to address in your businesses.  

The evolving CTO: An interview with Sue Unerman

The PEX Network talked to Chief Transformation Officer, Sue Unerman. This articles looks at the challenges and opportunities of the emerging CTO role . 

How To Drive Engagement And Secure Process Improvement Success

The support of your business teams can mean the difference between success and failure for your continuous improvement efforts. In this article, we look at ways to drive engagement across a business and how you can foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Tame Your Organisation’s Complexity and Unleash Its Potential and Profits

Every organisation—particularly those operating in industries where quality, regulatory, health, safety or environmental issues are a concern—must have a complete understanding of its processes.  Read on to find out why business process modeling matters to the modern enterprise. 

Business Experts Answer: How Transparent Should You Be?

We've all had to judge how honest we can be with clients - and our judgements may change depending on the problem itself, as well as the relationship we have with the client. Read on to find out how transparency affects your brand and more. 

Four Areas Where Human Resource Needs Process Experts

Process experts can help organisations develop the experience and services they need to meet the changing employee demands and deliver actionable insights to drive the business forward. With process experts by their side, HR can secure an important role as a strategic business partner of the organisation.

Six Ways To Automate Processes And Accelerate Digital Transformation

In this whitepaper, we see how eight global organisations have put the theory into practice, innovating to cure long-standing pain points and transform their business.

3 Steps To Getting Your Senior Management Backup: Boosting your Continuous Improvement (CI) strategy from good to great

In this article, we look at the 3 steps you should take in order to get your senior management buy-in.

Don’t Let Your Next Tech Transformation Tank

Enhance your chances of a successful technological transformation by understanding the key elements of engaging people in the change and adhering to best practices.

Effective Operational Excellence in a Climate of Constant Change

True operational excellence requires constant monitoring and the re-evaluation of an organization’s business processes. In this article, we look at the effectiveness of operational excellence and methodologies. 

Disrupted or Disruptor?

In this article, we looked at to what extend digital transformation has affected organisations and how do we measure the success of it. 

Five Ways You Can Shake Loose Your Business Operations

The phrase operational excellence gets thrown around a lot within industry but it’s definitions are vast. At its heart, it’s about  business growth. It’s about honing efficiency and value to reach that next stage of growth. In this infographic, we explore five ways you can shake loose your business operations...

How to Adapt in an Era of Rapid Change

In this whitepaper we discuss the three main drivers influencing the way businesses approach operational excellence; customer, innovation and technology. 

4 Steps To Process Mining Best Practice

Loaded with case studies of processes in need of mining, the paper includes four steps to not only get the best from your Process Mining project but to transform your business.

How To Get Leadership Buy-In For Process Improvement

This whitepaper uses case studies to show how the advice given plays out in the real world, and how change can be an opportunity for a business to emerge with renewed purpose and aligned goals.

PEX Annual Report

The PEX Global Annual Survey gave us an international snapshot of the Process Excellence on a macro level, but how do the figures stack up when they are broken down by region?

Strategy Or Performance... Or Both?

A good strategy will fall apart if it is not properly executed, and the best performance cannot rescue a strategy that is fundamentally flawed. How do we balance strategy and performance?

Solving the 3 Core Problems of Strategic Change in 4 Steps

Strategy execution very often fails because of alignment problems. In this paper, you will learn why do strategy executions fail so often, amongst others. 

Failure: Symptom Of Bad Planning, Price Of Success

A PEX Network interview with with Xavier Fenard, former Head of Process and Progress Management at ArcelorMittal Flat Products. We discussed the F word that some businesses dare not name… failure.

The Ultimate Guide to Business Transformation Failure & How to Avoid It

Learn what can cause your organisation’s business transformation to become just a statistic, and what you can do to avoid it. 

Transforming Business Through Operational Excellence: 3 Examples Of Digital Pioneers Employing Next Level OPEX

Operational excellence is continually being redefined in the face of rapid global change, driven by technology and experienced across every major industry. Discover the importance of following the example of digital pioneers such as Uber, AirBnB and Amazon.  

Nintex Named a Leader in Digital Process Automation for Wide Deployments by Independent Research Firm

Nintex is a leader and ranked highest for strategy, among all 10 vendors evaluated against 33 criteria, in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Process Automation for Wide Deployments, Q1 2019. Read the full report. 

Exclusive Interviews

Exclusive Insight From The Most Influential Industry Voices Shaping OPEX

Download this exclusive Q&A report to get a better idea of what’s driving transformational changes in organisations. 

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