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View Event Guide - OPEX Week Middle East: Business Transformation Leaders Summit

Review our 2020 programme agenda. With an action packed 3-day programme full of interactive discussions, debates and case studies, the event focuses on the most pressing issues in the region. Operational Excellence has never been more important in the Middle East. With a constant aim to im ...

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Trends in Process Excellence: 2020

Transformation is seeing businesses change by orders of magnitude as more traditional markets are disrupted and disruptive markets find new ways to serve their customers through new channels. In this PEX Network’s annual report, we look at the trends set to transform process excellence in the year ahead and examines...

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Event Guide for Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Middle East’s premier gathering of business transformation leaders from across industries. They have challenges that you can solve – and they want to hear about your solutions! Do you want to connect with them at the OPEX Week Middle East: Business Transformation Leaders Summit (19-21 April 2020, Dubai)? Download the...

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OPEX Middle East Leaders Survey 2019: The Essential Information For Business Leaders

Operational excellence leaders in the region were recently asked about their challenges, implementation plans, strategies and investment priorities. You will find these answers and more in this survey report.

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How To Drive Engagement And Secure Process Improvement Success

The support of your business teams can mean the difference between success and failure for your continuous improvement efforts. In this article, we look at ways to drive engagement across a business and how you can foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Business Experts Answer: How Transparent Should You Be?

We've all had to judge how honest we can be with clients - and our judgements may change depending on the problem itself, as well as the relationship we have with the client. Read on to find out how transparency affects your brand and more. 

Six Ways To Automate Processes And Accelerate Digital Transformation

In this whitepaper, we see how eight global organisations have put the theory into practice, innovating to cure long-standing pain points and transform their business.

Transforming Business Through Operational Excellence: 3 Examples Of Digital Pioneers Employing Next Level OPEX

Operational excellence is continually being redefined in the face of rapid global change, driven by technology and experienced across every major industry. Discover the importance of following the example of digital pioneers such as Uber, AirBnB and Amazon.