Post-Conference Workshops: Thursday, 22 October 2020




9:30 am - 11:00 am WORKSHOP A: BUILDING BLOCKS: Key elements of a growth-driven business transformation
Paul McLeod - Chief Operating Officer, Emirates Insurance Company
Creating and sustaining an efficient business processes strategy is no easy task. What is even harder is to build this strategy as a business growth driver. As per a recent PEX Network research, only eight percent of process professionals rate the success of their process excellence programme as a nine or ten out of ten.

This workshop will address business transformation as a top-line view of all aspects that enable a business to cope in the ever-changing market environment.

Key Discussion Points:
  • Critical aspects of an operations-intensive business strategy
  • A fresh take on business process reengineering
  • Common planning and implementation pitfalls
  • The practical change management techniques for an effective transformation
Workshop Leader:


Paul McLeod

Chief Operating Officer
Emirates Insurance Company


Noman Rasheed - Chief Information & Operations Officer, Noor Bank
A recent analysis from the PEX Network Global State Of Process Excellence Report 2020 revealed that 27% of global industry leaders are currently leveraging RPA solutions in their OPEX methodologies. AT&T, Deutsche Bank and Walgreens are already finding value in RPA and investing in the technology to drive efficiencies. This investment will make the sector worth an estimated $4.9bn in 2020.

So, how do you get started? What do you do once you have your first RPA solution in place? What comes next? What trends do you need to be thinking about in this evolving area? This session is ideal for those who are launching or having their first few bots and are looking to increase their supply.

Key Discussion Points:
  • Explore the most common goals of implementing RPA as well as the risks involved
  • Discuss how to sell RPA to stakeholders when launching and how to gain support for growing your programme
  • Dissect lessons learnt from planning and implementation
  • Examine how to select and integrate robots in operational processes with workflow and orchestration
Workshop Leader:


Noman Rasheed

Chief Information & Operations Officer
Noor Bank

11:00 am - 11:30 am MORNING COFFEE BREAK


11:30 am - 1:00 pm WORKSHOP C: PROCESS MINING AND DISCOVERY: The cutting edge to your RPA plans
Simply defined as a technique to analyse event logs and using them to support your business processes, process mining has gained massive attention in the past year. Industry experts have confirmed that, while 37.5% currently use process mining, 61% will definitely be leveraging process mining tools in the coming 6-18 months. 71% of the survey takers stated ‘Operational Efficiency’ as the key driver for process mining implementation, and that is not surprising as that has always been the big promise.

Join this workshop to understand the three pillars of Process Mining; namely, Automated Business Process Discovery, Business Process Conformance Checking & Performance Analysis.

Key Discussion Points:
  • A systematic guide on: How can process mining help you and is it worth your resources?
  • Discover the “need-to-know” for process mining
  • Discuss how process mining can make it easier to implement RPA: Guide your bots with lean processes
  • What is next in the scope of process mining: Balancing between process discovery and conformance
  • Learn from companies set-up in the region about what they did and, crucially, what they would do differently if they have to tackle process mining all over again


11:30 am - 1:00 pm WORKSHOP D: THE ROLE OF AI: Does it redefine the future of OPEX?
Sridhar Iyer - Head of Mashreq Neo (Digital Bank) and Retail Liability Products, Mashreq Bank
The Productivity Data Analytics and Automation Lead at the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch recently interviewed by PEX Network stated – Over the next year, there will be a lot more focus on AI. In 18 months to two years, I don’t see there being any pure RPA initiatives, everything will have that intelligence built in. Clearly indicating that RPA can only complete tasks that a human has configured it for; AI is the next step. While repetitive process functions can rely majorly on RPA, the analytical functions under OPEX look into IA & AI to ease intensive tasks.

Key Discussion Points:
  • Intelligent OPEX: How beneficial can adding a ‘layer of artificial intelligence’ be to your Operations Function
  • The key driver behind customer intensive businesses implementing AI
  • Using AI to manage high-volume, capital-intensive back office tasks
Workshop Leader:


Sridhar Iyer

Head of Mashreq Neo (Digital Bank) and Retail Liability Products
Mashreq Bank

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm NETWORKING LUNCH


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm WORKSHOP E: OPEX IN AN ASSET-INTENSIVE INDUSTRY: Take a note from energy industry leaders
The role of ‘OPEX’ and performance excellence in an asset-intensive industry is completely different than that in a commercial business. Looking at technology alone: Researchers say that 80% of the security issues faced by Operational Technology are almost identical to IT in the energy industry (due to OT adopting IT technologies over time), while 20% are unique, not to be ignored, and critical.

How can you ensure a successful IT-OT sync amongst teams in a business that is heavily human capital intensive?

Key Discussion Points:
  • Examine existing business processes: The energy sector deals with integration and change management at a scale like no other - how can you redefine OPEX at scale?
  • Learn how a ‘cost management is key’ approach is enhanced with an Operational Excellence outlook
  • What does Industry 4.0 mean for the energy sector?


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm WORKSHOP F: BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT: Are we using it right and what problems can it solve?
Peter Fernandes - Head of Process Excellence and BPM, Emirates Transport
This workshop addresses the challenges, objections, issues, and problems associated with BPM implementations along with a clear view on ‘Why BPM’? While deploying Business Process Management solutions is a resource-intensive task, rightly-implemented business process management is about the end-to-end business process, not just the technology, which directly contributes to a holistic business growth.

Key Discussion Points:
  • Complementing RPA with BPM: Is your strategy moving in the right direction?
  • Using a BPM cycle across all processes in your Operations Function: Make it easier for your workforce to focus on the end deliverable and meet KPIs
  • Placing BPM at the core of your OPEX strategy
Workshop Leader:


Peter Fernandes

Head of Process Excellence and BPM
Emirates Transport

3:30 pm - 3:30 pm CLOSE OF THE WORKSHOP DAY