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How To Get It Right - Implementing and Scaling The Right Automation Strategy For Your Enterprise To Truly Transform Your Business Process


Over recent years, automation such as RPA has been recognized as a value driver for Operational Excellence, enabling more streamlined business costs and process, whilst simultaneously driving growth and redefining customer experiences. Today, OPEX leaders are tasked with building a holistic strategy, connecting people, process and new technology to achieve sustainable transformation. Yet for many organizations, correctly identifying process needs and scaling a sustainable capability can prove difficult. In this Virtual Meeting expert Operations leaders explore strategies to building technical teams, how to engage the wider business in your strategy, and embedding automation throughout the business:

  • Carefully identifying process automation opportunities as those that will generate the quickest, most effective benefits to improve your long term process delivery and help achieve strategic business objectives
  • Generating demand for automation within the business by engaging leaders and employees through programs that inform the operational efficiencies that will be incurred and long term value
  • Getting your delivery method right from the start by establishing the necessary teams and skills to work with automation
  • Establishing an RPA & BPM strategy that is aligned to the wider needs with the business and a clear process quality purpose to provide more accurate results
  • Embedding automation within your centre of excellence to create the most suitable environment to effective scale as automation demand increases

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