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OPEX US Exchange Spring 2021 Agenda

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COVID-19 Action Guide

Treding Insights from IBM on how to manage amid chaos, ambiguity, and fear

COVID-19 and shattered supply chains

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed vulnerabilities in global supply chains across most, if not all, sectors and industries. Find out from IBM's experts' insights on how to reduce vulnerabilities through smarter supply chains.

What's Did We Give You In 2020?

The OPEX Exchange returns for 2020. Find out what's new and get a glimpse of some of the sessions you can expect from some of our key speakers. 

4 Ways To Build A Culture Of Operational Excellence

Hear from 4 leading transformation experts on how they are building a culture of Operational Excellence and what they hope this cultural change will bring across their organizations.Related Content:Whats In Store for OPEX in 2020?Top 15 OPEX investment Priorities for 2019Building the Cognitive Enterprise: A blueprint for AI-powered transformation

Building the Cognitive Enterprise: A blueprint for AI-powered transformation

A new era of business reinvention is dawning. Organizations are facing an unprecedented convergence of technological, social, and regulatory forces. As artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation, Internet of Things, 5G, and edge computing become pervasive, their combined impact will reshape standard business architectures. The “outside-in” digital transformation of the past decade...

Post Event Report 2019

In 2019 we welcomed over 70 experts in Operational Excellence & Process Improvement from leading organizations to our OPEX Exchange to discuss their challenges and the latest trends over two days of networking, inspiring case studies, interactive Think-Tank discussions and one-to-one business meetings.Session highlights included: Women in Business Transformation: Re-Defining...

The C-Suite Diaries

At the last OPEX Exchange, we heard from Mollie Bell, Former Chief Transformation and Engagement Officer at Credit Union National Association; Donald Kuk, Chief Transformation Officer at Mednax as they share their top tips.

OPEX Interview: Exclusive Insights with Acadia

Ahead of the OPEX Exchange April, we spoke with Josh Crone, VP & CTO of Software Products at Acadia to get his insights into the future of Operational Excellence.

OPEX Interview: Exclusive Insights with Thoughtexchange

Ahead of the OPEX Exchange this April, we spoke with our Chair for the event, Angela Garinger, Director of Corporate Solutions at ThoughtExchange, to get her thoughts and opinions on the future of Operational Excellence and her insights into Change Management.

OPEX Exchange July 2019 - Post-Event Report

If you missed the OPEX Exchange in 2019, you don’t need to worry because we’ve put together the highlights within one detailed report. You’ll discover which of your peers attended, what their investment priorities and interest areas were and how you can get involved in the 2020 edition of the...

Top 15 OPEX Investment Priorities for 2019

Ahead of the 2019 OPEX Exchange, attendees were asked what their highest priority challenges are for 2019 and areas they plan to invest in the next 6-12 months.Download the infographic to see the full results.

Supercharge Your Workforce’s Productivity

Understand how they learn and influence behavior change.

OPEX Exchange April 2018 - Post-Event Report

At April 2018's OPEX Exchange, we were delighted to welcome so many of the leading Operational Excellence professionals to gather in one place from a whole array of sectors to discuss and debate business transformation and continuous improvement strategies for 2018 and beyond.Across two days, our attendees gathered together for...

Signavio: 7 Step Guide to Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is no longer the exception, it is the expectation of consumers. Learn how to meet and exceed these expectations with our practical 7 step guide. It provides clear, actionable steps and tips from process leaders on how to achieve operational excellence, independent of allegiances to any particular methodology.

Signavio: How to Create a Single Source of Truth - A Guide for Business Transformation

Who would have predicted that by 2018, more than 3 million workers globally will be supervised by a “robo-boss”? At least, that’s the way things are trending according to Gartner’s report “Top Strategic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond: Surviving the Storm Winds of Digital Disruption.” Change in every direction is...

Process Excellence In The Digital Age Of The Customer

A Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper commissioned by IBM on the transition from Business Process Management to Digital Process Automation

How the Exchange Model Works for OpusWorks

OpusWorks® has been serving the process excellence industry for 25 years. So why do they sponsor the OPEX Exchange?Ahead of the OPEX Exchange taking place in April 2017, Andrea Charles, Senior Editor for the PEX Network, spoke to the OpusWorks® President Rob Stewart, to find out more about how and...

5 Key Features to Redefine your OpEx Strategy

The key to successfully implementing operational excellence within your organization centres on mindset, not purely methodology. Executives tend to think of operational excellence (OpEx) as just a lean process using six sigma practices to cut out inefficiencies and standardize the way they operate. However, it encompasses a more common-sense approach...

Top Investment Priorities: 2018

Ahead of the 2018 Exchange in Austin, Texas in April, attendees were asked what their top challenges were and where they plan to spend their budget over the next 6 - 18 months.This infographic is a perfect snapshot to see where your competitors and peers are focusing their time, energy...

8 Key Ingredients to BPM Success

Many companies today have already made or are about to plan strategic BPM initiatives all over their organizations. BPM is a vast subject which consists of a methodology, architecture, and tools that when implemented change how a business operates. This article seeks to highlight some of the key ingredients and...

5 Ways to Convert Data into Business Value

Various sources of information are providing companies with access to unprecedented amounts of data, whether they come from management systems, customer data, customer feedback, market data, or social media. However, a core challenge is finding how to convert, use and maximize the value of data collected into business value. Gartner...

OPEX 2017 Post-Event Report

Take a look at some of the themes and sessions that took place at the 2017 OPEX Exchange by downloading the Post Event Report which covers:Discover key attendance stats so you can see who participatedUnderstand what your peers are investing in during 2018 and beyondFind out what our delegates top...

Operational Excellence in 2017

We are entering a time of rapid transformation and leveraging operational excellence effectively will be paramount for success. Every organization has processes, but why is driving and sustaining an operational excellence initiative such a complex mission? In this report, we take a closer look at the current state of play...

Top Investment Priorities: 2017

Ahead of the 2017 Exchange in San Diego in April, attendees were asked what their top challenges were and where they plan to spend their budget over the next 6 - 18 months.

Working From Home: Essential Reading

Customer Crisis: COVID-19

During this incredibly sensitive time, brands must be mindful of the decisions they make as the impact on customer loyalty and employee experience may last long after this health epidemic blows over. Read our article exploring COVID-19: Customer care and employee experience in times of widespread social stress for more...

What is the Digital Workplace?

The digital workplace has advanced significantly throughout the past decade and as we move into a new era of remote working, why not learn more about the subject? This detailed infographic gives you a snapshot of key statistics and trends, including: what we know, today's challenges, managing email, duplicating work,...

Evolution of the Digital Workplace

We interviewed a number of industry thought leaders responsible for their company’s digital workplace strategy and asked them to walk us through their digital workplace journey through the past decade and to outline their predictions for the new decade. They each provided a brief overview of how the digital workplace...

Employee Experience: Today & Beyond

We had the chance to hear from Brett Caldon, CEO of Workgrid Software, and gain expert insights into how IT plays a significant role in employee experience and the future of the digital workplace. Brett is Head of Business Operations for Workgrid Software, a tech start-up and wholly owned subsidiary...

How Companies Can Leverage Mobility as a Catalyst for Digital Transformation

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Gina Gallo, CEO of Stratix, to discuss her expert insights into how mobility helps drive the digital transformation change and help connect the employee experience to that of the customers.

60 Seconds with Automation Leaders

We interviewed four leaders from the automation space to divulge their insights into their company’s automation strategy, automation journey, the impact this has on their business, the role their solution providers play in their automation, and much more.