Ekaterina Curry

Global Head of Ratings Operations S&P Global Ratings

Ms. Ekaterina Curry is a Global Analytical & Operations Leader with deep experience in financial services and banking.  She is the Global Head of Ratings Operations at S&P Global and leads a team of 240 operations specialists and editors in 20 countries. 

The Operations team connects customers to content and drives the release of 1,000,000+ ratings and edits and publishes 50,000+ reports annually for sovereign, corporate, financial institutions, municipal and structured finance issuers. 

Previously, Ekaterina led financial analytical teams focusing on structured finance, municipal bonds, and counterparty risk.  She joined S&P Global in 2002. Prior to that, she worked at Citigroup in cash management and operations for foreign financial institutions.

Katie holds an MBA from Yale University.  She is the 2016 recipient of the Women Bond Club Rising Star award for S&P Global Ratings.  

Tuesday, April 21 | Main Conference Day One

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

11:40 AM Doing more with less: The strategy behind running a cost-neutral transformation program

How can we transform while running our day-to-day business?  How can we work with the resources we already have? How can we add value in a cost-neutral way? One leader has been asking these questions… and made the answers a reality.
-          How business leaders and transformation leaders can connect, align and accelerate
-          Invest in existing staff and leadership talent to create a workforce for the future ready to deliver excellence
-          Create capacity through RPA and Lean whilst enabling daily work to continue
-          Understand the challenges of a cost-neutral transformation and how to navigate around them

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