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Enhancing Agility through Intelligent Automation,
Process Efficiency and Change Management

The financial services sector is facing uncertain market conditions, the threat of disruption from new entrants, new technology constantly shifting the rules of the game and customers increasingly happy to switch between service providers.

In challenging times, Operational Excellence is a critical tool for improving competitiveness by increasing agility, enhancing customer experience by reducing customer friction and protecting margins by reducing operating costs.

To address these issues, PEX LIVE: OPEX in Financial Services will focus on:

    • Improving agility by reducing costs and increasing efficiency
    • Enhancing the efficiency of end to end processes
    • Leveraging Intelligent Automation to reduce the burden of low value, high volume tasks
    • Utilizing Process Mining to increase process visibility and distinguish between real and ‘perceived’ processes
    • Supporting the success of technology projects through effective Change Management

PEX LIVE: OPEX in Financial Services | Our Speakers

Day One: Tuesday 21st July 2020

15:00 GMT Case Study: Intertwining RPA and the Enterprise Risk Platform
Dwight Harris is responsible for RPA rollout at Kansas City and a huge advocate of Lean 6 Sigma as being the bedrock for all future modernization and technology implementation within the company. Find out why:
  • Why Lean 6 Sigma needs to be the bedrock for all process transformation activity, both now and in the future
  • Working out which is the most appropriate tool out of RPA, Lean 6 Sigma, AI, etc for each process task in turn, and deploying it correctly and efficiently
  • Highlighting the need for due diligence to make sure that change is implemented properly first time, with minimal disruption to the rest of the business
Dwight Harris, Senior VP & Consultant, Citibank, USA

16:30 GMT Discover Five Ways How to Streamline Process Improvement with Process Mining
How to improve an improvement process? Business process improvement is built upon optimized sub-processes and process steps, therefore process visualization and end-to-end monitoring are necessary to detect potential or existing issues. Yet, this is just the beginning.
In this session, you’ll learn about the differences between symptoms and causes of process inefficiencies, and we’ll guide you to the right optimization path.
  • Visualize process hygiene with Minit and get deep insights into the processes
  • Monitor the status of business rules and minimize process inefficiencies
  • Detect root causes and drive process improvement within Financial services operations
  • Uncover hidden potential for improvement of your Purchase to Pay (P2P) process
  • Identify specific points of errors in payment process
Jana Gregusova, Process Consulting Leader, Minit

    18:00 GMT  Design Thinking and Analytics to Solve Legacy Systems and Processes
    • Manoeuvring a constrained system - difficulties and challenges and how to overcome them
    • Utilization of analytics to redesign your transformational approach
    • Achieving data quality reports and regulation
    (Speaker to be confirmed)

    19:30 GMT  Case Study: How to Orchestrate and Implement ‘Lean’ Internal Development
    Michael Dove is responsible for training and certifying Lean 6 Sigma at PSCU and has is responsible for implementing process change internally within the bank. Find out how he has been prioritising implementation:
    • Considering the huge amount of change that financial services organisations have dealt with over the last decade - moving from check payments through to credit cards through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, peer-to-peer and blockchain and beyond
    • Why the pace in the payment space is speeding up and reflecting on how hard operational systems have had to work behind the scenes to keep up with this change
    • Managing the successful implementation of RPA at PSCU, and detailing the results of a successful pilot now completed
    • Designs for implementing Lean 6 Sigma and becoming more agile across the business
    Michael Dove, VP Center of Process Excellence, PSCU, USA

    Day Two: Wednesday 22nd July 2020

    15:00 GMT  Case Study: Building Scale by Consolidating and Streamline Processes and Resources
    Emirates Insurance have just completed a pioneering pilot project to implement a series of new sub processes across the business, which has led to greater efficiency internally and more control over their interactions with customers at every point of their service chain. Paul McLeod explains how they have rolled out these changes and as a result of the pilot’s success, discusses plans for further process optimization across the rest of the business in the future:
    • Consolidating processes for better internal management and co-ordination of resources
    • Operating in a proactive manner, looking at workflow capability and improving internal staff metrics around SLAs to deliver a better claims service to customers than previously
    • Producing of a new customer charter with a guarantee to respond to customer claims within 24 hours
    • Clearing the old claim backlog, leading to a 15% increase in claim processing, and a 23% reduction in open claims and a much more efficient internal operation
    Paul McLeod, Chief Operating Officer, Emirates Insurance, UAE

    16:30 GMT  Securing Systems and Processes to Safeguard Business Operations
    • Exploring the financial and practical benefits of new technologies and alternative solutions to keep your operations secure
    • Examining why records are still often siloed, overly complicated and vulnerable to external cyber threats
    • Highlighting the importance of proactive system maintenance and making sure that all operations are properly secure, both now and in the future
    (Speaker to be confirmed)

    18:00 GMT  Quick Wins for Workflow Management
    • Buying time for your internal processes and increasing reliability of your systems and processes
    • Making sure you know if you should apply a process before actually doing it
    • Developing talent management and learning solutions
    • Achieving successful integration of new workflow processes
      (Speaker to be confirmed)

      19:30 GMT  Case Study: Unleashing the Benefits of Full, Holistic Process Transformation
      Westfield Insurance are currently undertaking the largest process transformation exercise ever in the last 178 years. Find out from Amir Farid, on the front line of these changes, about their rationale for the digital transformation and process evolution strategies they are implementing, and the results they are experiencing so far:
      • Leading process transformation across 18 business models across Westfield Insurance over a nine-year period
      • Deploying intelligent automation at the point of service, balancing no-touch, low-touch and high-touch transactions
      • Reporting back on results of the first phase of transformational deployment, and where automation has proved most useful
      • Why job roles are changing in line with these changes and increasing agility within the business, and detailing expectations for the future
      Amir Farid, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Transformation Officer, Westfield Insurance, USA

      21:00 GMT  Expert Insight: Bringing People With You on the Process Excellence Journey
      Mike Morales is a process excellence expert on the front line of change, who has overseen many new process excellence initiatives for JP Morgan Chase. He maintains that your own staff will always be your most important asset. Learn from him his top tips for taking them with you on the quest for true process excellence:
      • Getting buy-in from staff and managers who create process excellence change – otherwise the whole thing is for nothing
      • AI and automation is great – but don’t forget the true value of the human element, which are the drivers of change, and will always needs to be a part of your plan
      • Tips for moving seamlessly from old school processes to true process excellence across the whole of your organization, both now and in the future
      Mike Morales, Executive Director of Performance, JP Morgan Chase & Co, USA

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