03 - 06 December, 2018
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore

Design Thinking Content & Insights

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A spin-off from successful design thinking events in US & AU, Design Thinking Asia will bring together top minds from the industry for 2-day interactive discussions, information sharing & networking. 2018 agenda will focus on efficiency improvement, customer satisfaction & human centric corporate ...


How Design Thinking Improves Customer Centricity

Design thinking is the new buzzword for organisations trying to gain competitive advantage. This ebook explores how design can be an integral part of the way you operate to gain competitive advantage, improve your customer experience strategy as well as your end product. 

Demystifying Design Thinking

"Design Thinking is only for designers". "You need to be creative to roll it". "Only product development team need design thinking". This list could go on but think about this fact: 75% of companies around the word self-reported their engagement in design thinking. In this article, we de-mystify many misconceptions.

How Design Thinking Can Create Human-Centric Organisation

Why design thinking can make your organsiation human-centricHow can you implement a design thinking approach to make an organisation more human-centric? Company culture defines how people feel and behave. Seeing the world through the eyes of employees is a first step to designing a great employee experience. And design thinking can get...

E-Book: Design Thinking For Smart Nations

The use of design thinking allows smart city planners to move away from simply using the ‘best-fit’ solution and encourages them to think outside of established alternatives, innovating rather than simply ‘making do’.