business continuity & Transformation live

As companies continue to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, business leaders globally are needing to take immediate action, not just in overcoming the severe disruption in the short-term, but also in the planning and recalibrating of their business operations to aid recovery and future proof themselves for the years ahead.

Now more than ever, the role of Business Continuity Management is crucial to this journey, and companies must be rethinking their strategies around their processes, shared services, and operational agility, and ultimately work across all departments to implement the transformative changes that will strengthen the business immediately after the crisis and beyond. 

We are therefore delighted to host our Business Continuity & Transformation virtual event, which will enable you to hear various case studies of how different organisations are tackling the current crisis, maintaining that all important continuity, and putting the necessary changes in place to ensure long-term operational excellence and business transformation.  

2020 Speakers

BEnefits of Attending


Hear practical lessons and case studies of Business Continuity Management in action and the steps different organisations are currently implementing to mitigate long term disruption, which will help you to plan for recovery and maintain continuity   


Ensure you are enabling long-term optimisation of Global Shared Services by hearing how alignment with BCM can help identify process flaws and implement optimisation strategies to reduce waste, increase efficiency and save costs


Discover strategies for embracing self-sustaining transformative change during turbulent times, and understand how Business Continuity Management will become even more essential in working with other functions to drive this change  


No travel costs or time out of the office necessary and it is 100% free for in-house professionals


Those responsible for the BCM, Shared Services, Process and Operational Excellence and other business stakeholders when it comes to the digital transformation within an organisation. Job titles may include:

Chief Executive Officer

VP / Director/ Head of:

Chief Financial Officer

Business Continuity Management / Resilience and Crisis Management

Chief Operating Officer

Process Excellence / Continuous Improvement

Chief Data Officer

Global Business Services / Business Strategy / Finance and HR

Chief Transformation Officer

Business transformation / Digital transformation

Chief HR Officer

Robotics / RPA / Automation / Data & Analytics