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Continuous Improvement should be more of a cultural shift than a quick fix. BPM is therefore a fundamental principle that businesses should be engaging with. Getting it right will underpin the success of further automation projects - even at a basic level, it prevents businesses from running inefficiently and wastefully.

Whether you’ve innovated your way into first place or just getting started, the rest of the world will keep catching up, technology will change, and the businesses that stay where it is, becomes the businesses that quickly goes backwards. From the birth of the smartphone to the rapid growth and influence of business process management (BPM) robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, process mining and others, the world has seen a constant evolution in disruptive innovation; industry 4.0.

To tackle these challenges and keep companies from facing unprecedented change, BPM Live 2020 is designed for anyone interested in keeping up with changes in the market, competition, and growth, but more specifically, process and operational excellence professionals globally.

From the comfort of your own desk join us and our thought leaders as they share their experiences, lessons and tips.

Agenda 2020 
Sessions are subject to change

29 September 2020
09:00ET [45 MINUTES]
The Journey Towards Winning the Kaizen Award for Continuous Improvement
Gerard Poolman, Director, Continuous Improvement, Integrated Gas bij, Shell

10:00ET [45 MINUTES]
Increasing the Level and Quality of Automation with Digital Process Automation
Session reserved for SAP

11:00ET [45 MINUTES]
Take Two Solutions and Create One Goal with BPM and RPA
Session reserved for Automation Anywhere

12:00ET [45 MINUTES]
Preparing People and Processes for the Digital Era
Session reserved for Camunda

30 September 2020
09:00ET [45 MINUTES]
Utilizing Process Automation to Drive Digital Transformation
Session reserved for Flowforma

10:00ET [45 MINUTES]
Reimaging Business Operations and Scale Dynamically
Session reserved for Signavio

11:00ET [45 MINUTES]
Driving Collaboration and Results with Digital Business Processes
Session reserved for Nintex

12:00ET [45 MINUTES]
Process Mining Supports Nest Business Operations during Challenging Times
Markko Rajatora, VP Business Processes, Neste

1 October 2020
09:00ET [45 MINUTES]
The Golden Rules of Automating Business Processes
Session reserved for Comidor

10:00ET [45 MINUTES]
Improving Operational Efficiency with Low-Code
Session reserved for Creatio

11:00ET [45 MINUTES]
4 Best Practices for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 
Session reserved for EPSoft Technologies  

12:00ET [45 MINUTES]
Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement in the Front-end
Vikram Mehta, Head of Continuous Improvement - North West Europe, Maersk

2 October 2020 

09:00ET [45 MINUTES]
5 trends in Improving OCR Accuracy
Session reserved for Infrrd

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